The society of the future. What is it like?

The society of the future. What is it like?

My Friend! Look around. What is the world around you? Is everything in your life good for you? Are you confident in the future? Are you confident in your children's future? Do you see what is happening with our common home – planet Earth?

It is obvious now, that global economic, social and political processes have reached a dead end. Prices for goods and services are constantly rising, and their quality is deteriorating by the day. A huge number of people live below the poverty line. Devastating resource wars claim lives, and massive cataclysms turn millions of people into climate refugees. There is no stability and confidence in the future. The reason for this is the consumerist format of our civilization. When there is a depreciation of a human's life. Judge for yourself:

  • according to statistics, in the United States alone, 450,000 children are kidnapped and disappear without a trace every year;
  • according to the UN for 2020, 7 million people died of hunger;
  • 1.5 billion people live below the poverty line;
  • $ 2 trillion is wasted annually on military spending;
  • According to UNICEF, by 2040 one in four children will die or suffer from diseases associated with an acute shortage of drinking water.

Do you want to continue living in such a world?! Do you want to leave that world for your children and grandchildren?! Do you think they will have a future?

The time has come for changes and now we have a Chance to change the consumerist format in an evolutionary way and build a Creative society of Happy People.

Creative society

Together we can build a society of the future where human’s life has the highest value. And there is no place for violence and suffering. Where everyone can live in prosperity honestly and openly. Where a person is not afraid for his future and the future of his family and friends. Where high-quality, free medical care and education are available to everyone. Where the future of society depends on the personal choice of each person.

“The society of the future? How can this be achieved?" – you will ask. It's very simple! Today, people from all over the world are actively realising the Creative Society project. Now comes the stage of information that everyone can join. It is important that everyone knows about the possibility of building such a society. After all, we can only build it all together, by joining our efforts.

It is for this purpose that an unprecedented event will take place on the platform of the ALLATRA International Public Movement on December 20, 2020 – a large-scale International Conference “Creative Society. United we can." People from all over the world will share their personal understandings of what true unification is and what are the peaceful ways to solve existing problems. So that all mankind has a holistic picture of what the creative society is, and how we can all act together to build it in the nearest future.

The online conference will be simultaneously broadcast live on all continents and simultaneously translated into more than 30 languages of the world.

You are the one who can change the world and our future depends on your choice now!

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