The dream society is real!

The dream society is real!

I re-listened to the program "THE CHANCE ON THE VERGE"... Tatiana offered to present an altruistic society, in fact – a Creative Society.

I caught myself on the fact that my consciousness does not want to think too much about it with the excuse: "What is there to think about, because everything is clear anyway." And then: "What can I do alone?"

Having the experience of observing what is happening in my head and what thoughts are spinning every day, I can confidently say that my consciousness loves to fantasizing on any topic, figuring out relationships (mentally), imagining how one could act in a given situation... and here – SILENCE! A couple of thoughts and excuses and that's it!

Noticing this, I decided to think purposefully on the question: what kind of society is this – an altruistic society that everyone would like to live in?

This is a society of people with good hearts, where the thought of doing something bad to someone does not even arise. This is a society in which the life of every person is valuable: everyone values not only their own life, but also the life of any person on this planet. No one will fight, because the most valuable thing is a person's life.

"Only in a Creative Society, where life, exactly human life is in the first place, there are prospects for the development of each and every one, and only in this format this life will have value, and only we all together can develop it."

From the International Online Conference “Creative Society. United we can"

A society in which there is no concept of "need", where everything is enough for everyone, where all basic human needs are satisfied: there is food, clothes, a roof over your head. And a person has all this simply because he was born in this world, no matter what country it is.

If a person is sick, then he knows that he will definitely receive the most qualified help for free, because medicine in such a society is also focused on a person, on the value of a person's life.

Every person in such a society can learn what interests him the most – education at a high level and also free of charge. Even if over time a person realizes that he is more interested in something else, he is not afraid to change the field of activity, because free education is also available to him.

This is a society in which every person does what he likes to do, where every job is paid with dignity, where there is no concept of "prestigious specialty", because any specialty that exists in society is beneficial for the whole society.

This is a society in which every person is ready to come to the aid of those who need it. Sincerity, honesty, kindness, openness – these are the qualities of every person, therefore there is not and cannot be the concept of “manipulation”. After all, what is manipulation? As I understand it, this is a desire to impose my opinion on someone in order to force them to act in such a way as to get some personal benefit. In a Creative Society there is a concept of “common benefit”: when it is beneficial to each person, it is beneficial to society as a whole. After all, what does not contradict the concepts of conscience and morality does not need proof and justification. And if there is a "personal benefit" that hides behind beautiful slogans and excuses, needs some evidence, so there is a lie and deception. Haven't we all "gorged" enough on this lie and deceit already?

What can I do to make such a society a reality? The answer is obvious: you need to start with yourself.

What am I guided by every day in my actions? Am I thinking about what is beneficial for the whole society or personal benefit? Am I guided by a sense of Love, kindness, understanding, respect for the people around me, or listening to obsessive thoughts that everyone around is “not like me”, thoughts about what other people should do to make society better?

The thoughts in my head tell me that I will be happy if someone starts behaving otherwise. But this is a lie.

If I “sit on the couch” and do nothing to improve what I don’t like, then what does it have to do with someone else? There is one well-known example to many people for improving body condition: losing weight or improving health. After all, nothing prevents a person from starting to perform a set of exercises and (or) adjusting their diet in order to solve this "problem"... nothing but thoughts in my head: "oh, I can't... I really want something sweet (salty, spicy, fried, etc.)... and so I don’t want to squat (do exercises on press, walk, run, etc.)... After all, no one grabs me by the hand and doesn’t sit me down at a table setting up with junk food, no one ties me to a chair with duct tape so that I move less... just a thought.

Another example: if someone is talking to me rudely, then what can I do to “improve what I don’t like”? After all, this is also the thought that “how dare he talk to me like that? Now I will tell him...". And this thought spins obsessively, comes from different sides, presses until you tell the person what you think. And why does the obsessive thought that something may have happened to a person never comes? Perhaps something oppresses and crushes him, since he behaves this way, and by being rude in return I will not improve the situation, but only “add fuel to the fire”. Can I react in another way: with the understanding that the same crush and oppressive thoughts come to him too? What prevents me from leading to mutual accusations and inciting conflict? Just a thought...

Just a thought: “I really want to live in such a society. But what can I do alone?”

Can I imagine a person who does not want to live in peace, security, prosperity, among kind, sympathetic people? If you imagine it, then it turns out not a person, but an animal that lives in constant fear that it will be attacked and ready to attack another... for a bone...

And if I cannot imagine a person who does not want to live in a Creative Society, then how can these thoughts in my head tell me that “in this field I am the only warrior who is not capable of anything”? It's not even logical!

It is paradoxical and not logical that thoughts that I do not want to think (fears, worries, disputes, dissatisfaction – everything that causes negative emotions) – obsessively and very persistently come back again and again. And in order to think about what kind of society I would like to live in – you need to make an effort. These thoughts do not go around the circles like a "worn-out record".

Friends, let’s share your observations in the comments about the process of thinking over these or those questions. What is easy and simple to "think" about and what you would like not to think about, but it is thought, what thoughts do you have in response to the question: "What kind of society do you want to live in?"

Janina, Participant of ALLATRA IPM

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    Reading your story made a lot of things in my life make sense to me. Really, consciousness is what essentially made me unsatisfied or enthusiastic; unsure or over confident and so on. Your story is like helping me to understand more about my-self. This is real help from a friend. Thank you.

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