Any thought is consciousness,
any judgment is consciousness.

From "Freedom from beast’s dictatorship
within yourself" video

One way or another, every person tries to make sense of themselves, their actions and thoughts, and the actions and thoughts of those around them. Something seems obvious and understandable, something triggers a whole series of questions and prompts us to look for answers. Sometimes this search turns into a whole tangled maze... A lifelong maze. To get out of the labyrinth is possible only when you understand that you are in it, and when there are clear guidelines as to where and how to get out of it!

Such a guideline for me became the Knowledge expounded in the books by Anastasia Novykh and the videos with the participation of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov. Based on the Primordial Knowledge about the dual nature of a human and the True meaning of life, the search for the answers to inner questions becomes fascinating, sometimes – shocking, but it helps not just to "go through the maze" but to get out of it and go straight to your True purpose.

In this article I would like to share my experience of observing my own consciousness: not from the position of moral norms and rules of behavior accepted in society, but from the position of those emotional reactions that arose in me "in response" to one or another event... 

Where do I get from any relation to this or that situation, action or person?

How do I know what I should not do and what I can do (especially if it concerns someone's negative action toward me)?

Standing on the standard

The fact that 100% of thoughts are evaluative in nature, very long "skipped" past my understanding ... A couple of situations helped me to see this very evaluation in my thoughts. But what I discovered in addition, I was, to put it mildly, dumbfounded...

One of the situations: my daughter had been systematically late to school for a very long time. It made me angry and annoyed. Many times I explained to her that it was disrespectful to teachers, that it was not nice, and that she had to learn to be on time, etc.

The second situation: I went to study for a course. And only at the end of the training I realized and saw a clever marketing trick of the lecturer, which allowed her to give a minimum of useful information for a large reward. In addition to that she offered me a "concentrate of useful information", but, of course, for a fee... I kept thinking to myself: "What a deception! Is that all possible?" and a whole series of unkind remarks about this person and her actions.

It's worth noting that the titles of the course topics were spelled out in great detail... a lot of clever and unfamiliar words that in fact hid the very minimum of useful information. And even my husband told me that it was all nonsense, and wondered how it was possible to stretch all these topics for so many classes. But at that moment the thoughts in my head were joyfully bouncing in anticipation of something new, and I carelessly brushed aside my husband's quite reasonable (as it turned out later) remarks. When this deception became obvious to me, the commenter in my head did not offer to consider "my own frivolity," but furiously pounced to accuse the lecturer… After a while of taking the situation apart, I realized that the obsessive thought in my head, "What a deception!" – this is essentially a statement of the fact of deception by the consciousness of the Personality. Consciousness was too lazy to investigate and then was indignant about it... Blaming someone for something external, it deftly diverts "suspicion" from itself. And I (Personality) paid it all with my Attention. But back to the evaluation…

In both cases, I knew I didn't want to be angry, judgmental, etc. But in the first case, the situation repeated itself day after day; in the second case, it obsessively came back and swirled around in my head in the form of indignation and resentment.

At some point I wondered: how exactly do I know this is bad? After all, this is an evaluation! That is, when in my head there is a judgment about the good or bad of this or that action, deed, situation or person, etc.. – this is an evaluation... But where does it come from, how is it formed, on what grounds? At this point, I was interested in "my emotional reaction" to people's actions, which is my responsibility, rather than evaluating actions from the position of good or bad. After all, everyone has a "mechanism of recognition" and knowledge of what is right to do and what is better not to do. It is a Conscience.

In the situation with the lecturer, another thought sounded in my head, very loudly and insistently: "I wouldn't do that!" First of all, knowing about the falsehood of consciousness, I realized and admitted honestly that if I gave "free rein" to my consciousness, it would have done the same thing with the greatest of pleasure...

In the case of my daughter, it was not so obvious and loud, but the thought sounded like "well, I'm not late, I respect people...".

Condemnation is what the thoughts in my head from my pride were filled with.Behind that is the desire to do the same, but I can't afford it. When we don't recognize in ourselves the patterns we judge in others, we fall into the trap of inner judgment. The only way to get out of this nightmare is to admit that we also have it in us. Acknowledging this, a person gets rid of the condemnation. After all, in that case he or she is not better than the other person (which is the root of judgment!), but he or she is exactly the same as the other person – then there is no one to condemn.

And then it "hit me"... "I wouldn't do that," "I don't do that." 

"I’m... I’m... I’m..." – I compare all people around me, their actions and deeds with myself, with my own actions and deeds (to be more exact, I compare actions of other consciousnesses with my own consciousness) and already on the basis of this comparison the evaluation "good or bad" is formed, and further – the "attitude" to the situation, to the action...

I compare everything and everyone from the position "I am the standard!", “I am better than others!” 

At that moment, I remembered a fragment from the video with I.M. Danilov "Creative society unites everyone" about why a person "in power" changes:

Mirror neurons. From the video

Does this mean that I am such a standard for comparison that I have "nowhere to improve myself"? And at the same time, I am not even close to politics or power in the accepted understanding of society. But this empire of power and the politics of relating to others is built in my head! In the center there is a "I am the standard", and all the others are around: some are closer to the standard, some are farther away. The farther someone is from the standard, the more indignant and irritated are the actions of this person...

But everyone's consciousness works according to the same schemes! Can you imagine how many of these "I am standards" we have on the planet? And everyone thinks "I am a good person". But the surrounding reality of the consumerist format shows that to think this way does not mean to be such... Based on the Knowledge about the dual human nature, the answer to the question "but who am I anyway?" becomes the key one in the work on oneself. Who constantly calls himself "I’m" in his thoughts? After all, a human being is first of all a Personality, a spiritual component, the essence of which is Love!

The situations described seem to be different... But the point is the same: a person's behavior and actions do not conform to the "I am the standard”. And after taking a closer look, you begin to notice exactly this comparison-evaluation scheme in your head literally at every step. 

Evaluation. AllatRa

Where does this "I am the standard" even come from? After all, this "I think so of myself" is the thoughts that linger in my mind about how good and right I am, how wonderfully I act... If I know how to act rightly and conscientiously, and I do so, why do I have to run it all through my head in the form of thoughts and musings? Is it to exalt myself? Who's self is that? Before whom? After all, it's all happening in my head! What do I need all these "arguments" for?!

I’m (Personality) know the right thing to do. I set a task for the consciousness to do (I put my attention). And then consciousness begins to put this simple correct action into words, describe, exalt pride, think well of itself, how "good I’m"… Personality is the spiritual component of every human being and it is initially good, kind and loving! And one more important point: Personality does not know how to think! It is by pondering and pronouncing all this in the head that the consciousness draws attention to itself and exalts itself before the Personality! Satan is trying to become a god for Personality...

You must control the thoughts...

The Egoist's business plan

Here are a few more examples of how and from what position the situation is evaluated.

A child fell ill. Thoughts: I won't go to work, it's also generally not bad – I'll rest, but I need to run, check the temperature, persuade a child to take medicines, jump up at night if "suddenly something"... I'm tired of "taking care", it would be better if I went to work... The fact that the child is not very well and needs my help and care – the thought only flashes silently and not persistently, somewhere "in the background"! 

– Mom, I want to meet my friends after class and I'll come home on my own. Thoughts: now I have to worry and fidget about when she'll be home, and if she gets sick again, I have to run around her again... (this is not a concern about a teenage girl not getting into a dangerous situation in the dark, not about her health... this is a "concern" about myself – how do I handle it all later).

Disorder in the children's rooms, some "wrong" appearance of the children, "wrong" behavior of the children. Thoughts: that's what everyone around me will think, that I'm like that, that I couldn't teach the kids... (concern not about the kids, but about being thought of well!) Although if you ask yourself: how often do I think about other people at all and does it make any difference to those "other" people? – it turns out that, as a rule, I think exclusively about myself and not about these "others" who are just as busy worrying "about themselves"...

Consciousness evaluates every event from the perspective of self-care: does it benefit me or not? What will it do to me? What will I gain from it? Am I in charge ( managing, controlling, dominating) or not (managing me, controlling me, dominating me)? Will I survive or will it endanger me? Should I do something (take responsibility for some tasks) or does it not concern me? Is there humanity, kindness and concern for others in this judgment? The answer is obvious…

And another important question, knowing the dual nature of human beings: "self-care" who is that about? After all, if I agree with such thoughts, it turns out that I "care" about Satan in myself, about his programs... True self-care (about the spiritual component) is the concern to feel Love every second...

Program setting "evaluation 2"

I was about to go on a visit. In my head there were thoughts: "how I don't want to go there, a wasted day" and further whining in the same vein. When I noticed this, the question arose: isn't this a judgment? Who in my head painted the upcoming event in a negative way? There was a little pause in thought... And I thought: "Why did I decide that the day would be bad? Why is my consciousness drawing negative programs for me? After all, this could be a wonderful communication with close people"... And then another question arose: who, again, is it in my mind that is EVALUATING the upcoming event in such a "positive" way? At this point, the "spiritual actor" hesitated, and timidly asked in my head: then what should I think? Why should I think about it? Especially when I didn't order it!

"I'm tired" is another version of the evaluation that I noticed. When I came home after work (this situation lasted more than one day), there was a state as if I was overwhelmed by a massive wave of fatigue. I had no strength for anything and even had the "feeling" that I didn't even have the strength to think... But thanks to the books by Anastasia Novykh and the videos with the participation of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov, there is a knowledge that thoughts are constantly scrolling, without stopping... I took a closer look at what "I think". In my head, like a broken record, slowly and lazily, for the hundredth circle, the same thing floated: “how tired I am... I can’t do anything... I have no strength... my arms and legs are buzzing... my whole body is falling apart... I don’t want anything at all... just sleep...".

Now there is already an understanding that I am not a body, that I am not a consciousness, that I am a Personality – I have nothing to do with the fact that my body is tired, with what sounds in my head... On the basis of this understanding it has "come to the realization" that all this evaluation record in my head (with a detailed description of the body's state) is also a programming order, a certain "affirmation". That is, when a thought comes and I accept it as "mine", agree with it, then the program embedded in it works 100%! But if I do not agree with it (which I did the next day), then it does not work at all! As soon as it starts spinning its song "I'm tired" – immediately I remember: "Stop! This is a lie!” I checked practically: with absolutely the same physical load at work the state of the body feels not "broken trough", but... the body and the body, yes – worked, yes – there was a load... need to do something else? – Well, I do... This total fatigue has dissolved, as if it did not exist at all.

And how many of these "setting affirmations" do I hear in my head every day on various occasions (I assume there are some that I haven't "noticed" yet)? "I'm sick of everything," "I'm sick of everyone"... Evaluation at every step and everywhere! And all this mixed with commands that I should feel, in the form of the thought "It makes me angry (outrages, annoys, offends, hurts, catches)"... WHOM? The spiritual component, the essence of which is Love?! It doesn't even fit into logic!

Mini-fantasy and image

Let us imagine that I am driving a car with an on-board computer (it is even possible that it is some kind of space car, in some kind of outer space. The on-board computer (OBC) is a certain controlling element of this device. OBC controls the processes going on in the car, turns on the headlights and lights what it considers necessary and important, and displays a corresponding picture of "reality" in this outer space for the driver). I'm driving for a long time, on a difficult road. And then the on-board computer suddenly declares: "tired (it's a girl for me)... the wheels are going to fall off..." But I (the driver) understand that the OBC is lying very much, that the car is sufficiently fueled and can get to the nearest planned parking lot, where you can "tweak-pump" the wheels...

Or I'm driving along the road (it's very wide – a whole space) and I see that on the same road another car is strangely "looping", and it's also painted in a different way than mine... And the OBC is indignant: "What the hell is this?! How is that possible?! It's annoying! Honk the horn! Louder! It needs to know that that’s not ok!" But if this car does not interfere with my traffic at all, no danger to other road users – it's just "different", with its OBC, its driver... why should I honk the horn?

If something annoys and angers my consciousness, that does not mean that it should automatically annoy and anger me (especially since my true self does not know how to be irritated or angry). The driver decides whether to listen to and follow the suggestions (even when they are in the form of orders, they are only suggestions) of the on-board computer or to ignore them, especially when they are silly and have no benefit to the driver.

Instead of summing up

So, I will try to make a collective image of this "evaluator" – consciousness. An egoist, with an inflated megalomania and the conviction that it is the standard for comparison. Only in extremely rare cases it admits that the comparison is not in its favor and tries to raise the bar to the desired level. It considers all situations and events from the position of benefit or danger to itself, and is very eager to receive maximum benefit with minimum effort. It is able to program the state of the body and the "emotional background" by constantly repeating thought patterns (again, maximum benefits with minimum expenses from the position of consciousness). It is also worth noting that on the background of the "I am the standard" there are also self-deprecating attitudes: I am not capable of anything, I am not good at anything – a kind of whining with the implication "lie down and die, you have lost". A cunning, slick, secretly acting manipulator-dictator with inflated pride, pursuing the only goal – to download as much energy as possible (to attract the attention of the Personality) in order to survive...

I assume that the "noticed" variants of how evaluation occurs are only a small part of the instrumentarium of consciousness.

What's very gratifying is the fact that having noticed and pulled out such thoughts-evaluations, the next time they try to "get into my head," I already "recognize" them! They become "visible" in similar situations and it is already much easier to immediately give up all these comparisons to myself by the people around me and set programs like "I'm tired"...

In the process of writing the article, the following understanding came: consciousness evaluates any event, any situation – it does not know any other way! It doesn't know and doesn't understand how it is "without evaluation”. Consciousness needs a certain point of reference from which it can start. And that point is the “ego”! It is programmed to perceive information through evaluation, and it cannot do it otherwise... Only a Personality can do it otherwise – the spiritual component, the essence of which is Love.

Consciousness is an instrument which we have to learn to use. The evaluation program is initially founded in it. We just need to use this function of the consciousness correctly, to change the minus sign to plus. There is a hint (practical recommendations) on "what to do about it” in the video "Freedom from beast’s dictatorship within yourself" with the participation of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov: 

Don't support negative thoughts...

The most important guideline for working on yourself was voiced by Tatiana in the video "CONSCIOUSNESS AND PERSONALITY. FROM THE INEVITABLY DEAD TO THE ETERNALLY ALIVE:


The most important reference point in any situation is the answer to the question: do I feel Love now? After all, the point of support for the Personality is the feeling of Love.

Janina, participant of "ALLATRA" IPM

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