Ohio "Chernobyl" 2023

Ohio "Chernobyl" 2023

People's lives in East Palestine (USA) changed instantly after a horrific disaster on 3 February 2023. The toxic chemicals train derailment was a turning point in the history of a picturesque, economically booming village, which was 'killed' in a single day by consumer greed. People were forced to leave their homes because the air, soil, and water had become unsuitable and hazardous to their health. 

In the evening, February 3, at about 20:55, residents of the village of Eastern Palestine, located on the border between the states of Ohio and Pennsylvania, USA, with a population of more than 4700 people suffered a real disaster – a freight train with highly toxic chemicals derailed nearby. The Norfolk Southern Railway, one of the leading rail carriers in the US, could not prevent the crash, which led to a man-made disaster, later called the "Ohio Chernobyl".

The accident caused around 50 wagons, at least 10 of which were tanks carrying hazardous chemicals, overturned, causing a large-scale fire and a giant mushroom cloud in the sky. The chemicals transported included vinyl chloride and butyl acrylate, colorless flammable gasses that cause dizziness, nausea, headaches when inhaled and, on long-term exposure, diabetes, fertility problems, thyroid disease and various cancers, notably a rare form of liver cancer. Both are highly toxic chemicals used in the manufacture of plastics, polymers, adhesives, acrylic emulsions, latex and many other chemicals.

After the crash, people began complaining of serious health problems, headaches, mucous membrane lesions, rashes, bleeding and more. Animal deaths were reported throughout the county, and tens of thousands of dead fish were found in the Ohio River. Local authorities advised residents who were totally dependent on water wells to switch to bottled water, as all the water in the wells had also become undrinkable.

Independent environmental experts have confirmed that vinyl chloride is a highly toxic gas. And if it gets into the soil or water, it causes great and long-term damage. Under natural conditions, its degradation would last 10 to 20 years. Without timely intervention, those who live there will be at risk for years to come.

The disaster in Ohio. 2023

What about the authorities? The next day, local authorities declared a "state of emergency" and evacuated about 2,000 people living within a 2km radius. The rest of the residents left on their own as soon as they heard that officials had agreed to Norfolk Southern Railway's proposal to drain and set fire to the toxic contents of five tanks to prevent an explosion and disperse the shrapnel and toxic fumes. However, there was an explosion anyway and the fire continued for several days. Firefighters did not dare to extinguish it because of the threat to life.

Fish have died in the county

The authorities reassured locals, assuring them that nothing terrible had happened, that the situation would stabilize in a couple of days and that everyone would be able to return home. But people became worried and desperate, seriously fearing for the lives and health of their children, relatives and friends. Many began to realize that they would have to move forever and start from scratch.

Due to the lack of truthful and timely information, as well as claims that the carrier company was not obliged to notify the contents of the train, most residents lost confidence in the authorities and felt abandoned. Norfolk Southern failed to attend a meeting with the residents, citing a threat to themselves and promised to clean up the contaminated area.

Residents realize the absurdity of what is happening and have filed a class action lawsuit against Norfolk Southern. Now no amount of words from the authorities will help to remove the mistrust and anger, say the victims.

In response, the Environmental Protection Agency checked 459 homes and reported that it found no vinyl chloride or hydrogen chloride. But the public became aware that there were more toxic chemicals on the train than previously said. The residents themselves say that no inspectors or officials contacted them or checked anything for 10 days. The question arises, why do people lie about the catastrophe that has occurred and keep silent about its real consequences?

"How can they say it's not dangerous here? This is not realistic," says Kim Hancock, who lives about a mile and a half from the crash site. - I am not stupid. I saw a cloud of smoke pass over my house”.

"I just don't trust anyone," says 28-year-old resident Mike Root. After all, the train companies resumed traffic in the area within minutes after the evacuation order was canceled. Have private commercial interests proved to be more valuable than the lives of ordinary people? 

Mike Root doubts whether he should accept the $1,000 monetary compensation that the company has pledged to pay the victims for the damage. He fears it will limit his options in the future, especially if he joins the lawsuit.

A train of toxins crashed a few meters from a successful garbage truck production facility, which has grown from five to more than 7,000 customers in and around this close-knit community in Ohio in 18 years. 

"It completely ruined our lives," the affected John and Lisa Hamner, business owners, told the BBC. Being in a place where a strong smell of chemicals and sulfur can be felt, and barely holding back tears, they share the understanding that their main wounds are invisible.

Who and when will be able to repair the damage done to the ecosystem of East Palestine and its surroundings? Who will restore people's health and well-being? Who and what are the officials saving first? Can man-made and climatic disasters be prevented today? These and other questions are asked by every sensible and indifferent person. But the real truth is often not told to us in the media.

The train derailment occurred on February 3, 2023, and since then, train accidents have continued to occur in the United States almost every week. On February 12 there was another accident near Enoree, South Carolina, on March 4 in Springfield, Illinois, followed by train accidents in California, Detroit, Philadelphia, Alabama, Alaska, Louisiana, Texas, etc. People are asking questions, "Why is this happening? Why is human life and health not valued? How can I, an ordinary person, influence this situation?"

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