"The brain has failed in its claim to the role of conductor... it is the performer."

With these words Olivier Chambon (France) began his speech at the international online conference "LIFE AFTER DEATH. FICTIONS AND FACTS".

This unique conference took place on May 22, 2021 on the platform of the International Public Movement "ALLATRA" live broadcast and synchronously translated into 50 languages. The truth about the true nature of human beings and what lies beyond the life of the body was broadcast to the whole world. A lot of topics were analyzed, a huge amount of information and testimonies about the after death fate of man and the features of human consciousness was collected. 

Olivier Chambon is a psychiatrist, researcher, innovator in the field of behavioral and cognitive treatments for patients with chronic psychosis. He is the author of various reference books and books on shamanism and psychotherapy, and unusual instances of near-death experience. He has been studying the therapeutic use of altered states of consciousness for over 10 years. He voiced interesting and important information about the features of human consciousness.

"... with regard to all unusual experiences of parapsychology, the only hypothesis, the simplest and most explanatory of most of the facts, is that consciousness does not depend on the brain and that it comes from the fields of consciousness."

Mr. Chambon considers that consciousness is not a product of the brain. The brain only displays the work of consciousness through neurons, the activity of which can be recorded thanks to modern technologies. According to the psychiatrist, the brain is the performer, while consciousness is the conductor. This is confirmed by a large number of international studies conducted over the last 45 years by scientists, resuscitation doctors, cardiologists, psychologists, psychiatrists and representatives of other spheres of activity.

“But do not forget that it is not the radio that creates the programs. If we open the radio, we won't find an orchestra playing there. Because it is in a different place. And the music is transmitted by radio waves. You can understand that if the radio is broken, then we will not hear the music, but the music program is playing”.

Olivier Chambon also noted that modern science denies the hypothesis that consciousness is outside the human body. But thanks to his many years of research, he was able to study the relationship between the brain and consciousness and to explain the peculiarities of their interaction using visual examples:

“When we plug in consciousness, neurons get excited, but this is not because neurons create consciousness. There is no causation, merely correlation. That’s what materialists forget. They say, here we have a cognitive function that is used by consciousness, and at the same time a part of the brain is turned on, it is because that part of the brain creates it. No, no, no. It's consciousness using this cognitive function and using the brain, turns it on, just as we turn on the fireplace to get warm. Or the way we open a drawer to use the tools that are in there. But it's not the drawer that generates the use.

Materialists have no proof that the brain produces consciousness."

Information about the nature of consciousness fundamentally changes the approach to the study of man. It gives people a comprehensive understanding of the nature of thoughts, emotions, and states.

Due to the fact that people from all over the world unite and voice the truth, the entire humanity has a unique opportunity to make an evolutionary jump in all spheres of life and to change the consumer vector of society into a Creative one!

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