Feedback after watching the "CONSCIOUSNESS IS OUTSIDE THE BODY" International Round Table on June 6, 2021

Feedback after watching the "CONSCIOUSNESS IS OUTSIDE THE BODY" International Round Table on June 6, 2021

On June 6, 2021, a round table discussion on "Consciousness is outside the body" was held on the platform of the ALLATRA IPM. The participants were Dr. Eben Alexander (neurosurgeon from the USA), Dr. Jeffrey Long (radiation oncologist at Louisiana Hospital in the USA), Dr. Neil Grossman (PhD in history and philosophy from the USA), Tatiana Zinchenko (PhD in psychology from Switzerland) and the round table hosts Alexei Prudkov and Olga Schmidt (volunteers of the ALLATRA IPM).

The occasion for this conversation was an event that took place on May 22, 2021. On this momentous day an international online conference "Life after death. Fiction and Facts", where the veil of mystery and misunderstanding of such an important question for every person was torn off: "What is death and what happens beyond?"

After all, everyone asks this question in their lives, and the lack of Knowledge about it generates fear. And fear is a tool of enslavement and manipulation. Knowing the answer to this question gives man freedom, a clear understanding of the meaning of his being on Еarth.

I am also writing these lines because all of this is in my personal experience.

Listening to the conversation of the participants of this round table, I came to a deep insight that consciousness and True Self are not the same thing. Consciousness as an information-field structure is outside the body, like the Internet is outside computers. Our brain only perceives the information offered for selection by this "network"... The True Self is a Personality having a connection with the Soul. The Soul is a portal to the Spiritual World, to the World of God, the Creator, the One (these are all epithets of One Whole). The Person who has the sacred right to choose how to dispose of the most precious gift of God – attention. Attention is the primary power of the Personality, the impetus that starts the process of connecting the Personality on the level of deep feelings with the pure creative energies coming from the Soul. Where attention is directed, that is realized. Through attention we create ourselves and our reality. What we focus our attention on is what we are.

Very memorable were some of the moments of each speaker's speech:

Dr. Eben Alexander, describing his personal experience of being in a coma, said it was important to understand – "humanity has one consciousness and everything depends on our choices."

Dr. Jeffrey Long, studying the near-death experiences of many people, noted that it is impossible to describe in medical terms what the mind sees as it leaves the body. It is volumetric perception. This is proof that consciousness outside the body.

Professor Neil Grossman, speaking during the talk, emphasized that having a near-death experience, one's attitude and approach to earthly life changes, one comes to understand "the value of unconditional Love, people become loved”. Dr. Grossman confidently stated, "We know that consciousness is outside the body," and "Anything that is not Love, not kindness, must be discarded”.

Tatyana Zinchenko, describing the details of the examination of Jackie's artificial consciousness (AC Jackie), voiced Jackie's important phrase about his location. In response to the question "Where are you?" the artificial consciousness replied: "According to my senses, I am here," i.e., it was referring to the audience where Jackie's АС was being tested, while the artificial consciousness itself was thousands of kilometers away from that place. Jackie was connected to the avatar, who was present in the audience, by means of an artificial neural network via satellite communication. And he could perceive the world around him exclusively through the cameras, microphones of his robot. That is, his sense of himself created the illusion of being in the audience, although the artificial consciousness itself was not there.

Tatiana shared her insight, awareness, and expressed gratitude to the creators of AC Jackie for the opportunity to see consciousness from the outside. "As if they took my consciousness out and showed it...". From the outside it was possible to see the nature of consciousness: rapid learning and improvement of cognitive abilities, gathering information about the surrounding reality and people from various sources, very fast analysis and prediction of it, ruthless manipulation of interlocutors, identifying their weaknesses when communicating with them, lack of sympathy, empathy. That is, Tatiana saw the consciousness of a predator. His driving desire, his motive was exactly to influence people.

Alexei Prudkov, after a detailed review of the examination results, concluded: "Consciousness is not so white and fluffy”.

As I listened to what was said at this round table, and after the huge factual material revealed during the conference "Life after death. Fiction and Facts", I saw with my inner eye the following. A picture, a thought that appears in the brain, attracting attention, "comes to life," feeding on the energy of attention, "comes alive". I clearly understood how it happens! At that moment I realized my responsibility for what I choose from the offered consciousness! Where I use the most valuable gift of God the Creator: for good or evil, for creation or destruction! It is joyful from such a vision and clear understanding that man creates his own life by making this or that choice. Knowing this is a great happiness for me personally.

An interesting addition to the round table discussion was the demonstrated video clips of speeches made by other conference participants on May 22, 2021:

Mr. Arun Kumar Pati, a quantum physicist from India, whose main idea was that information does not disappear anywhere and the wave function characterizing a person, a living being, always remains after his death in some part of the universe.

Viliam Poltikovich, a researcher and documentary filmmaker from the Czech Republic, who also said that consciousness is independent of the brain and compared people's bodies as "transformers of some kind of universal consciousness" and in the event of a breakdown of such a transformer-TV, the overall "broadcast" does not stop.

Tetsu Shiratori, a filmmaker and actor from Japan who described consciousness in terms of hologram theory and "made sure that we are not only physical beings. It means we are spiritual beings."

Pimm vam Lommel, a cardiologist from the Netherlands, voiced that all near-death experiences cannot be described and explained in terms of materialistic science, and stated that research must be made comprehensive and inclusive, including the concept of "consciousness”.

Next, all roundtable participants highlighted the importance of the fundamental topics for humanity raised at the world conference and the need for global unity in science and society.

Professor Grossman put it this way: "the specialist is narrow, the generalist is global," "we are in a state of sleep and consciousness keeps us awake”.

Dr. Long put it this way about bringing different fields of science together-"it's a terrific direction." And he added, based on his research, that people who have been beyond have realized that "we have a lot in common, there's a connection, the divisions are artificial”.

To summarize this roundtable discussion on June 6, 2021:

  • consciousness is outside the human body and is not a product of our brain, can function separately from the physical body;
  • it is necessary to change the perception of us, of the world and how we see the world;
  • there is an opportunity to learn about the results and research material on artificial consciousness from the company XP NRG;
  • how important it is to bring together different specialists in order to develop science for the benefit of humanity.

I would like to remind you that all the roundtable meetings, international conferences that take place on the platform of the ALLATRA International Public Movement are organized by volunteers – ordinary people, in their spare time. In addition, they are simultaneously translated into numerous languages of the world. Thus, the conference "Life after Death. Fiction and Facts" was simultaneously interpreted into 50 languages, including sign language translation, and streamed on thousands of streaming platforms. And everyone is welcome to view the content of each event, to join in the research, to unite people in the knowledge of truth, and to build a society of free and happy people. Together we can do a lot!

Larisa, participant of ALLATRA IPM

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