FIRST SPROUTS... Feedback after watching the online conference «Life After Death. Fiction and Facts»

FIRST SPROUTS... Feedback after watching the online conference «Life After Death. Fiction and Facts»

I want to share insights that came from watching the conference "Life After Death. Fiction and Facts”.

The first thing I want to note is the great joy that the work of each participant is already producing the first sprouts, as Zhanna said. Now everyone who has understood the essence of life, who is beginning to wake up, is contributing to the formation of a creative future. Zhanna also said that we still have a lot to overcome, but the more of us we will be, the faster and easier we will get through this journey.

Also, the realization came that we are all together, dear friends, passing through these trials and thanks to our inner transformation, we are becoming cleaner inside, more monolithic in unification. It makes me happy that while watching a conference or a round table, there is no longer an inner envy of the people who are speaking, a desire to be in their place... This is no longer the case... There is the understanding, the knowledge that we are all one. And what role each of us performs, serving God, serving society – it doesn't matter. It has become unimportant to me. Consciousness wants glory, it wants cool and meaningful roles in this union... But the one who overcomes his pride, the one who works on himself, understands that every role is important.

Sometimes such thoughts come, "If you weren't there and you weren't doing what you can do at this moment in the name of God, in the name of Truth, everything would fall apart..." But that also is pride. After all, if you weren't there, someone else would be in your place. It is important to remember that everyone's participation is very important. After all, without you, dear friend, people who have united in one common goal can do much less than with you. Here we can also recall Tsiolkovsky's words about bringing people together and the Golden Millennium.

It also became clear that a person can become an angel much more quickly and pleasantly than to become a sub-personality. As long as we are alive, as long as life glimmers in us, we have a chance to find Eternal Life in Love and Happiness.

When a person begins to work on himself, to love God, watch his consciousness, then gradually comes the realization that he has the power – attention. This is a chance to make a choice, to feel the Love coming from the Spiritual world, and to accomplish many good deeds.

For example, something happened in a person's life, some unpleasant situation for consciousness. Why do I write for consciousness? Because the Personality does not care. These thoughts of nothingness, doubt, greed, cruelty – this does not belong to the Personality, this is not the Personality. Consciousness cleverly convinces us every day that it is me, accuses us that the negative thoughts are mine. So, when the Personality pays attention to any thought and evaluates it, then so-called obsession of thought occurs there. It is constantly going round and round in the head. It so happens that a tough attack occurs, as if the consciousness has been torn off the chain. Still, we have the opportunity to switch to something good and thereby muffle this attack of thought or forget about it altogether. Because we control attention as long as we live here in this body, we have the right of personal choice.

When a person becomes a subpersonality, he has no choice. He can't choose what to think about. He has only the result.

While watching the conference, I tried to imagine it. Guys, I realized that this is very sorrowful and sad. The perspective is not very happy. Dear friends, God gave us life, He gave us a Chance, He gave us the freedom of choice that determines our future destiny.

It became even more significant to realize that life is very valuable: mine as well as any other one. Therefore, I do not want to waste my attention on stupid things that I could not give up because of laziness and pride. I began to take spiritual practices more responsibly. There appeared an interest in their implementation. I realized the importance of working on myself. I began to pay more attention to victories, rejecting all negativity. After all, our afterlife fate depends on the choices we make every moment.

Many thanks to everyone who participated in organizing this conference. For selecting information, for analysis, for finding experts and filming interviews, for editing and creating beautiful pictures, for generating ideas on how to make the conference special, unique, and professional, for translators, for providing technical support at all the locations, on all streaming platforms, those who wrote comments and distributed live broadcasts, those who spoke at the conference, those who did makeup, hair and clothing selection, those who prepared locations, those who wrote scripts, those who structured all the found information... Thanks to all the participants of the ALLATRA International Public Movement. Thanks Zhanna for encouraging us and taking part in this important event for us. Thanks to our alien friends who watch us and rejoice in our spiritual development as our civilization takes its first steps. Thank you Igor Mikhailovich for the invaluable information that can awaken the Soul and gives the opportunity to become part of the Spiritual World. Thank you to the Spiritual World for help and chance, for waiting patiently for each of us to come home! THANK YOU!

Anastasia, participant of ALLATRA IPM

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