Person and space. More and more often the question arises: are we alone in the Universe? All over the world there are amazing finds, megalithic structures and artifacts, which absolutely do not fit into the classical scheme of our civilization development. How to explain where did ancient people have such advanced knowledge and technology? Who did they get them from?

We do not always understand the messages of the ancients, but this does not indicate that they are primitive. Rather the opposite. However, science is progressing and more and more mysteries are being revealed to us.

For example, with the development of computer technology, with the help of modern archaeo modeling and archaeoastronomy it became possible to understand and decipher images on many ancient artifacts.

Calendar-astronomical tablet Maltinskaya

The figure shows a bone plate from a mammoth tusk. Scientists estimate its age at 15-25 thousand years. Detailed reconstruction and deciphering of point patterns on the plate allows us to identify it rather confidently as a carefully designed computing device, allowing a relatively simple tracking and prediction of major calendar and astronomical events, as well as – changes in the apparent position of celestial bodies. That is, about 25,000 years ago, people were making astronomical observations. And such facts are found all over the world.

Another example is Egypt. Dendera.

In the underground room of the temple of the goddess Hathor in Dendera there is a bas-relief depicting an unknown device, which resembles a gas-discharge lamp of Crux.

Megalithic structures. Bas-relief in the temple of the goddess Hathor, Crookes lamp

The production of such a luminaire requires advanced glassblowing, vacuum pumps, knowledge of conductive materials, and the high voltage current source itself.

It is noteworthy that no traces of soot were found in the underground rooms. Therefore, the question remains open: how did the ancient Egyptians illuminate these rooms in the process of working on the bas-reliefs?

Another example is the Pyramids. High-tech engineering structures. They are built with the precision of modern optical instruments. Many questions arise:

  • Who were the builders of the pyramids?
  • Thanks to what knowledge and technology was such a grandiose construction possible?
  • Are the pyramids linked to highly developed civilizations?
  • Was there a paleo-contact during the construction of these complex megalithic structures?
  • What is the role of the pyramids in preserving our civilization during global climate disasters?
  • Was there paleocontact during the construction of these complex megalithic structures? 
  • What is the role of the pyramids in preserving our civilization during global climate disasters?

Answers to these and many other questions, was broadcast live on August 13, 2021 in the 13th episode of "The pyramids and extraterrestrial civilizations. The role of the pyramids in a time of shifting ages."

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