Post release. Kaleidoscope of facts. About the holy spirit

Post release. Kaleidoscope of facts. About the holy spirit

Dear friends, on February 13th, 2021 at 11:00 GMT ALLATRA TV LIVE hosted a unique International conference KALEIDOSCOPE OF FACTS “ABOUT THE HOLY SPIRIT”. Episode #7.

Historically, most people associate the concept of the Holy Spirit with religion and nothing more. In order to bring as close as possible to the viewer the subject of the Holy Spirit and its importance in the life of every human being, unprecedented research work was carried out by the participants. Many interesting topics and concepts about a human and his dual nature were raised and revealed.

The live broadcast featured researchers, scientists, and activists, who collected and provided extensive historical and scientific material about the True nature of a Human, his path to God, the Unity of God and about the Holy Spirit.

Holy Spirit. He permeates everything in this world. It is the Voice and Hearing of God, through which all the Prophets brought Knowledge into this world. The Personality of each of us is also a part of The Holy Spirit. It is only through his presence that one can become truly Alive. Without the Holy Spirit, our whole world would cease to exist.

The information presented by participants about the discovery of signs and symbols of antiquity that contain knowledge of the spiritual nature of Human is a clear indication that True Knowledge has always been present in the history of mankind.

Darwin theory, the materialization of science, the origin of the Universe, the evidence of ancient human remains from all over the world are proving that there is no transitional species between ape and man, and much more are just a precursor to understanding the Truth about the Holy Spirit.

During the broadcast, fragments of interviews with scientists, historians, clergymen, fragments of programmes with the participation of I.M. Danilov. There were shown topics:

  • The meaning of human life and how to achieve it.

  • What are the deep feelings?

  • What does “the Holy Spirit give life” mean?

In addition to the main theme of the conference "ABOUT THE HOLY SPIRIT", the following topics were raised and covered:

  • Human nature (human duality)

  • What unites all people internally, regardless of nationality and religion 

  • What is the power and value of human attention?

  • How is the Holy Spirit related to physics?

The understanding of the Holy Spirit in the world's religions and cultures was explored in detail, and the topics were analysed:

  • How does a person come into contact with the Holy Spirit?

  • What does it mean "attaining the Holy Spirit"?

  • Personality.The functions and manifestation of the Holy Spirit.

  • The joint worship of the Holy Spirit and the Virgin Mary.

The release resulted in the most important understandings:

  • God is One and God is the Spirit. The Holy Spirit spoke through the Prophets.

  • About the Last Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). About His contact with the Holy Spirit.

  • Harbingers of the last days. Signs of the coming of the Holy Spirit.

  • What does The Circle of Life and people’s love to each other mean?

  • What is the Creative Society?

The unification of all humanity through the Holy Spirit and the building of the Creative Society that all the Prophets dreamed of is the real and only way out for humanity!

The information presented in the live broadcast is evolutionary in the history of all mankind. The Knowledge,understandings, and conclusions presented in the seventh Kaleidoscope of Facts have once again revealed the truth to people! 

The unique International Online Conference "KALEIDOSCOPE OF FACTS. ABOUT THE HOLY SPIRIT" was held due to the united volunteer work of a huge number of people: independent researchers and scientists seeking to learn and announce truthful information for all people; speakers and organizers; technical team; translators, who synchronously translated the broadcast into 20 languages of the world.

We invite everyone to participate in the upcoming conferences:

  1. The International Online Conference "KALEIDOSCOPE OF FACTS. Perspects of civilization ". Episode 8, which is to be held on March 13, 2021, at 11:00 GMT.

  2. A unique International Online Conference, "THE CREATIVE SOCIETY. WHAT THE PROPHETS DREAMED OF", which is to be held on March 20, 2021, at 15:00 GMT.

Anyone who is interested in these topics, who wants to join the projects and the upcoming conferences, write to the email: [email protected]

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