On May 22, 2021, a global event took place: the International online Conference "LIFE AFTER DEATH. FICTIONS AND FACTS”, in which representatives of all mankind from different countries participated.

Thanks to the joint research of the conference participants, the answer to the global question that concerns everyone was found and voiced: "IS THERE LIFE AFTER DEATH?”

For the first time in the history of mankind, world-renowned scientists, doctors, representatives of different religions, and eyewitnesses united and voiced the truth:

  • what happens to a person after death
  • consciousness is outside the brain and is not a product of its activity;
  • what it is a sub-personality;
  • what it is reincarnation;
  • after-death fate depends on one's choice;
  • concepts of Heaven and Hell are explained by physics;
  • what is Soul and Personality;
  • how to obtain Eternal Life.

During the conference, all the necessary facts were provided so that everyone could give an answer to the question: does life after death exist? Because of this, people had the opportunity to understand the meaning of life, to realize its value and make a conscious choice.

The conference was broadcast live on thousands of streaming platforms around the world. Simultaneous translations were made in 51 languages, including sign language interpretations.

The conference was prepared by volunteers from around the world. Hundreds of interviews and surveys were conducted over a two months period. This is yet another proof that regardless of profession, nationality or religion people can unite and selflessly act for a common goal. This is another step that brings us closer to the Creative Society.

The conference “LIFE AFTER DEATH. FICTIONS AND FACTS ”caused a wide resonance in the society. Its continuation was the holding of round tables, on which the topics discussed on May 22 are revealed by specialists even deeper.

We live in the time of Crossroads, when everyone is a chosen one. We are the change that changes the world for the better. Six thousand years of deception and delusion are over. 

The truth has been voiced, it has become the heritage of all mankind.

The choice is up to each of us!

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  • А

    Да, мы являемся переменами! И это здорово! Всего лишь нужно сделать Выбор - Любовь или смерть! Давайте Любить Жизнь, Любить Нашего Творца, Любить всех людей!!! Это легко - отказаться от зверя внутри себя! Спасибо, Друзья!)

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