POST-RELEASE. International Round Table. “Reincarnation. Past Life Experiences”.

POST-RELEASE. International Round Table. “Reincarnation. Past Life Experiences”.

The international online conference «Life After Death. Fiction and Facts», which was held on May 22, 2021 on the platform of ALLATRA IPM, answered the inner question that every person asks himself throughout life – what happens next, beyond the line of this reality? The truth, voiced by scientists, physicians, and researchers from around the world, shed light on this profound question.

People picked up the creative wave, organizing a whole series of international round tables on the topic of the after death fate of man.

On May 25, 2021, there was an international round table discussion on “Reincarnation. Past Life Experiences”.

Researchers talked about reincarnation and memories of past lives. They discussed what distinguishes the real facts of reincarnation from fictions from scientific, historical and religious points of view.

At the round table “Reincarnation. Past Life Experiences”, the speakers raised the following topics:

  • How scientists view the phenomenon of reincarnation
  • Historical studies on the subject
  • Real cases that prove the existence of reincarnation
  • At what age are memories of past lives most often manifested 
  • Whether human beings are reincarnated as animals or plants
  • What does the world religions say about reincarnation

Also presented for viewing was an excerpt from an interview with James Matlock, an anthropologist, leading researcher of reincarnation, parapsychologist, author of the book “Signs of Reincarnation: Studies of Beliefs, Facts and Theory”, in which he spoke about the phenomenon of reincarnation investigated by him. He shared how, in this case, a person manifested memories of a past life, when this began to happen, and which of these memories were confirmed.

Examples of past lives memories were examined from the perspective of facts, which were actually confirmed by the collected evidence. The speakers gave examples of both direct and indirect references to reincarnation preserved in the scriptures of the world's religions.

Every day more and more people around the world join the study of the question of after death fate. The answer to this question can change the world! When a person has the knowledge and understanding of his true meaning of being on earth, then he can make a conscious choice. Our life and our future are in our hands! 

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