Humanity's last war is underway. We are ruthlessly attacked by a common enemy, the climate, against which we are powerless so far. Artificial fragmentation and enmities in a consumerist society make us helpless against rapidly escalating climatic catastrophes. The world community is at the peak of violence, slavery and inhumanity. Military and information conflicts, crises, destroyed ecology and hunger take the lives of millions of people. The lives of all mankind today are under threat!

How do we survive in this situation? What do we need to do to secure a future for ourselves and our children?

On May 7, 2022, the International Online Forum “GLOBAL CRISIS. WE ARE PEOPLE. WE WANT TO LIVE”. This large-scale, unprecedented event was organized by an independent association of millions of people from 180 countries.

The event was broadcast on tens of thousands of channels and media platforms and was simultaneously interpreted by active volunteer participants into more than 100 languages.

The main goal of the online forum was to inform people truthfully and objectively about what is happening around the world right now, as well as about impending catastrophes on a planetary scale.

Today, humanity's main problem is division, animosity, and indifference toward one another. Military conflicts, slavery, and the threat of nuclear war are what lead humanity to self-destruction. This is the result of shifting the responsibility for our lives to all kinds of politicians and organizations, expecting them to solve all our problems. But these expectations are false. Instead of solving problems, they simply profit from us and play with our lives. The events now taking place in Ukraine illustrate how the whole world is vulnerable and interconnected.

But if the people who start the wars can sit down, negotiate, and stop them, there is no negotiating with the climate. It is our common enemy, waging an undeclared war against humanity.

Since the 1980s, we have been told that climate change is due to warming. And the warming is supposedly due to human activity and the release of CO2 into the atmosphere. However, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere is only 0.004% (that's 4 CO2 molecules out of 10,000 remaining molecules in the atmosphere). Various researchers have estimated that throughout the era of industrial development, humans emitted between 1% and 12% of all CO2, that is, from 4 to 48 molecules out of 1,000,000 CO2 molecules. Do you think that such a negligible emission of CO2 by mankind could be responsible for warming and global climate change? Why are they trying to convince us that this is the reason? Because politicians and organizations raise billions of dollars to fight rising CO2 levels in the atmosphere. And they tell us that they are thus fighting climate change. However, we see that the situation is only getting worse. The frequency and power of cataclysms are increasing, and lately we have also seen their synchronization. Yes, the level of CO2 is indeed rising, but this is not due to the anthropogenic factor. Clear evidence is the fact that during the pandemic, industries were shut down all over the Earth, but the level of CO2 continued to rise steadily. Nevertheless, this did not prevent from 632 billion dollars being raised to fight CO2 in 2020 alone. Over the past 11 years, more than 5 trillion dollars have been spent on this "fight". But, as we can see, it is not working, the situation with the climate continues to worsen. At the same time, other factors that cause climate change are not considered by official science. Cataclysms are escalating, and we as a society still do not know the truth.

In the 21st century such climate changes were recorded that have not been recorded for 1000 years. Climatic indicators are constantly breaking records.

What else needs to happen for us to hear alternative views from scientists who say that global climate change is not due to human activity, but to a 12,000-year cycle and changes in the Earth's core, as we are now seeing cataclysms occur on other planets in the solar system. 

For our survival, we need to know the truth so that we can develop technology in time to stabilize the planet's climate.

Global crises can only be overcome by global unification of people.

At the forum “GLOBAL CRISIS. WE ARE PEOPLE. WE WANT TO LIVE”, the only chance for the survival of all mankind was voiced – the building of a Creative Society. Only in a Creative Society we can unite the scientific potential and provide scientists with the necessary funding, technical equipment, and truthful, unbiased information about the state of the climate.

Today millions of people around the world have realized the harmfulness of the consumerist format, its absurdity and fatality for all mankind, and have joined the "Creative Society" project.

The forum included:

  • the opinions of independent experts and scientists regarding the climatic, economic and ecological situations in the world;
  • testimonies of eyewitnesses who have been in the epicenter of military conflicts and climate disasters;
  • exposing the false nature of scientific theories and political ideas that are beneficial only to few those who have gone out of their minds, to whom we ourselves have delegated power over our own lives.

Who are the real heroes of our time? Which countries are actively informing the population and political elites about the Creative Society project? What unique technologies are capable of bringing humanity to a qualitatively new level of development in the shortest possible time and help it to move into the format of the Creative Society?

You can learn about this and much more at the international online forum “GLOBAL CRISIS. WE ARE PEOPLE. WE WANT TO LIVE“.

We are people and we want to live in the world of Love and Creation. Everything is in our hands!

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