How does the Foggy Albion use the energy of the sea?

How does the Foggy Albion use the energy of the sea?

We live in a time of global changes in all social spheres. So now everybody can make an invaluable contribution to the development of a new generation of civilization.

In recent years eco-technologies and especially technologies related to the use of water as an energy source are becoming more popular. However, in ancient times people knew more about the interesting properties of water. They built dams and water mills. There is a suggestion that even Sumerians used water energy with the help of devices similar to Archimedes' screw.

Scientists from Stanford University and the University of California came to the conclusion that in the next 20-40 years, humanity can fully switch to clean renewable energy. The energy of tidal waves is the most attractive for researchers. UK scientists believe that tidal power alone can provide about 20% of the country's energy needs.

And as the saying goes, "nothing to go to waste" UK scientists are working on a project in Swansea Bay (Wales). The uniqueness of this place lies in the fact that during high tides the sea level in the area rises to 8.5 meters! Therefore, to take advantage of this natural phenomenon, it was decided to build there a dam with the length of approximately 9.5 km, which will cover the marine lagoon, leaving a passage of 550 meters wide. 26 turbines with a total power capacity of 320 MW will be located there. It is assumed that such amount of turbines will be sufficient to provide 155 million houses with green energy. Turbines will rotate for 14 hours per day due to the energy of tidal waves. It will provide the residents of the region with about 90% of required electricity. This solution will help to close the power plants running on fossil fuels, as well as significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere by 236,000 tons annually.


It is planned to connect the power plant to the national network in 2018. In addition to clean energy and new working places, there will be a protected marine area, which is to become a center of recreation and culture.

It is worth noting that there are a lot of coastal areas in the world, where tides occur several times a day. Therefore, the experience of the Welsh population will be an excellent example for other countries. And the world's population will be able to overcome any economic, fuel and energy crises, when people come together to use new achievements in science and technology.

Author: Arina Kalinina

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