The time in which we live now was predicted millennia ago. The  prophecies say that as humanity, we have come to a crossroads. If we do not come now to an understanding of the Truth of the holiness and sacredness of life, we cannot survive as a human race, as a society.

This message from their ancestors to the participants of the conference "CREATIVE SOCIETY. WHAT THE PROPHETS DREAMED OF" was delivered by Gerald Auger, Indigenous Liaison Consultant and Honorary Ethnic Representative.

He emphasized that his ancestors had said that in this time there would be a general spiritual decline, people would lose themselves, forgetting their true spiritual power and how miserable they became when they lost touch with that power. This is the time when global climate change, crises, and pandemics will occur on the planet. At the same time, there will be a mass spiritual awakening in the world. In these times the spiritual fire will be lit in every human being so that people can unite in Love, light and integrity. Mankind will face a choice: to leave everything as it is, or to unite into one human family, to learn to honor our Mother Earth and to be able to leave something behind for our children and grandchildren.

This is a time of great changes, and the future of all mankind will depend on everyone. People have the right to choose any path, because they have the freedom of choice. But they also have the responsibility for their own choices.

Mr. Gerald spoke of the two immutable laws of the Creator, which state:

  1. - no one has the right to harm another person;
  2. - no one has the right to play with another person's life.

This directly resonates with the 8 foundations of the Creative Society, where the most valuable thing is Human and his life.

After all, it is the Creation Society that all the Prophets dreamed and talked about. And ordinary people from 180 countries of the world on March 20, 2021 united at the international online conference "The Creative Society. What the Prophets dreamed of" and spoke that now we can make real what all the Prophets dreamed of. In unity, all together, we can build a Creative and then an Ideal Society.

The time has come.

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