The Prophet's prophecy comes true

The Prophet's prophecy comes true

On March 20, 2021, a significant event took place, predicted by the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) – on this day the truth sounded to the world. Thanks to the people themselves, religions have been purified. And the truth that all the Prophets brought has been restored to its purity.

It happened at the international online Conference «Creative Society. What the Prophets Dreamed of»,  which was organized by people from all over the world. The conference was broadcast on thousands of online platforms in 180 countries, on various TV channels and all social networks, and was simultaneously translated into more than 45 languages, including sign language translation.

Muhammad Adel Jeulan was one of the speakers at the conference. His speech began with these words: «Today is a great day. People are no longer silent. Centuries ago the Prophet (peace be upon him) said that this great event would come.»

Mr. Jehulan emphasized that in order for prophecies to come true, someone must fulfill them. And they are fulfilled by people who faithfully and devotedly serve Allah and do His will. It is thanks to such people from all over the world that this prophecy was fulfilled. For God has no other hands but ours.

We live in a time of momentous events and global changes in all spheres of human life. Muhammad Adel Jeulan noted that all people who live today, without exception, are chosen. This chosenness lies in great responsibility. All of humanity now faces a choice: Will we continue to watch in silence the further destruction of our world? Or will we do everything possible and impossible to preserve the life of every human being without exception? That is why it is so important that the whole world learns about the truth that was voiced at the conference.

Mr. Jeulan concluded by saying: «Today's conference shows that we can do anything. Together we can do anything... And today the prophecy of the greatest of Man (Prophet) was fulfilled thanks to  ALLATRA , thanks to all of us, thanks to people from all over the world. And now I realize the responsibility we all have. I realize the greatness of today's event».

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