To be inactive or to be creative?

To be inactive or to be creative?

Vox populi, Vox Dei*

Latin proverb

It's hard for a person to change what has become a habit. That's what many people say. One of the famous writers of the past had a line like this: "Man is a creature who gets used to everything”. We will allow ourselves to disagree with this statement, in spite of all the fame of its speaker. In order for his words to claim to be true, they need an essential correction, namely, that there is a creature in man who gets used to everything. This is more accurate. There is indeed, in Christian terms, a creaturely part of man or in modern parlance an animal component. Yes, it can get used to a lot of things, and exist, for example, as a wild animal. Because man has a dual nature. Man has an animal component, which is his body and his consciousness. It is this animal component that can get used to everything, even the nastiest things, and it is this component that is afraid to leave its comfort zone, even knowing that it is not a very comfortable zone. But unlike all animals, man also has a Spiritual component such as his Soul and Personality (Spirit). And because of this component, man, unlike an animal, can get out of the stable of consumer slavery figuratively speaking and build a human society meaning a Creative Society.

And the only thing that prevents man from moving in this direction is his animal component, which persuades man (Personality) to stay in the stabling of consumerism with the thoughts that come into his mind. But man is given the Freedom of Choice – he is free to choose Life or Death. Everything else is based on the answer to the question of what we choose. If we choose the Creative Society, there is only one thing required of us. Don't be silent and spread this information. This is the hardest and most important stage of building the Creative Society. The informing stage! Everything else is impossible without it. Everything else depends on its implementation. And that is why it is so important today – not to remain silent!

But simply to tell everyone, at every opportunity, about Creative Society(C.S.). That's all. And in this case we are helped by a huge variety of tools, as they say, to suit all tastes. Beginning with the verbal communication of this information from one person to another and ending with the Internet, which also has a huge number of different ways of delivering and distributing this vital information to all mankind. Let's take the telephone. After all, most people on Earth today have cell phones with Internet access. Here is the answer to all questions. Every person, thanks to such a tool, becomes an active builder of the Creative Society. Using all sorts of variations, from simple messengers to social networks, every person can tell people he knows and people he doesn't know about CS (Creative Society). We just need to believe in our strength and not to trust the consciousness, which in every way will try to depreciate the importance of our simple (and therefore even more effective) actions!

And we will not go into details here about the methods. The essence is only one thing. To stop submitting to the diktat of consciousness, which does not allow us to act actively, and to start at least with a little thing. That's why it's so important to decide for yourself and answer the question honestly: what or who am I? If I'm just a link in the food chain, that's okay too. Let things go as they go, and then there's nothing to complain and grumble about and spit on the TV. If I am a person endowed with a tiny part of Eternity, and therefore capable of changing myself and the world, then I won't be silent and will do something so that a Creative Society can be built on our planet. That's it. Everything else will follow. It all starts with an honest answer to this question.

By the way, it would be appropriate here to deviate a little from the main idea of this article and briefly touch another arising point. It is as follows. As soon as a man manages to more or less overcome the resistance of "his" consciousness, and he begins to gradually come out of his cage, then the system of the Material Mind is immediately activated through the consciousness of other people. This can be a variety of people, from close relatives to acquaintances. They begin to convince man that "all this is nonsense, it has always been so, that wars and economic crises are all natural processes, and that actually building a Creative Society is utopia and it is impossible...". The answer to all such pseudo-arguments from a consciousness that is under the system’s control, is very simple.

If you think it is impossible to change our world for the better and impossible to build a Creative Society – this means only one thing – you are not the one who will change our world for the better. Nothing else. If you don't believe in it, it's not mean it is impossible. There are so many things in the world today that people didn't believe in either, but they exist! That's a fact and fact is a stubborn thing!

And the Creative Society is more than realistic to build for the simple reason that in fact the most majority of people on Earth dream and wish to build such a society, and the only reason why it has not yet been done is because they do not yet know about the Creative Society. And in order for the Creative Society to become our tomorrow’s reality, it is so important for all of us who already know about the Creative Society to inform everyone we can.

I would like to share my experience that in general, wasting time on arguments and discussions with those who doubt or argue is the foolish thing to do. The time spent on arguments leads to nothing. Much better to use this time to communicate with people who are not closed-minded and want to change for the better. However, back to our main understanding.

Every sane and reasonable person needs to take a sober look at what is going on in the world and to understand a simple thing. Nothing will change for the better unless we do it by ourselves! Things will only get worse. No one can change the fate of humanity but people themselve! Here's the important thing to understand and accept. Ordinary people that are far from politics, management, and so on, their consciousness proposes – what can you do? Who are you to change anything? You are a small man! Nothing depends on you! And so on... But Igor Mikhailovich Danilov reveals to us the entire essence. For example, in "The Sign" video we get explanations and support. Thanks to this we know that we are all chosen, because we are living exactly at this time. Today we still have a chance to change things for the better. To build a Creative Society and break the designed algorithm that leads us all, like a herd, to the slaughter. In fact, the hardest thing now is simply to believe in yourself, in your strength, in the fact that you are not just a screw in the machine, not just a link in the food chain. You are a person with a part of Eternity and can do so much. You have every right to be an equal citizen of Earth, just like all other people. And I, like every other person, have been given the right to choose: to be just a biomass or to be a human being. Deciding for myself what or who to be is the hardest part. Everything else is easily solved, there is the Internet and there are explanations, help and support in the videos with Igor Mikhailovich where everything is explained simply, intelligible and thoroughly. That is why it is so important to review these videos. With each viewing we begin to understand more about the Creative Society and its essence, and therefore it becomes easier for us to share this information with other people.

But back to the excuses in our mind. In order not to listen to nonsense in our mind, it is very important to accept the fact that no matter who we are, no matter where we are, no matter what rung of the social level we are on, each and everyone has the opportunity to do a great deal. And you, dear reader, can be a part of the general creative process already going all over the world. You just have to accept this truth within yourselves. The truth is, first of all, that you are a human being and you are capable of a lot. Being where you are, you can get out of the stall of consumerism and start building a Creative Society. Dear friend, just take note of this fact! In our article’s epigraph are words that mean the following: The voice of the people is the voice of God. If people all over the world talk about the Creative Society, strive to build it, and that will become our reality, because in each of us there is a part of God. This phrase itself is meaningful and one can spend a long time uncovering its meaning and seeing and understanding its depth from different points. Dear friends, we will not do that, but we suggest all of you to share your understandings of this phrase’s meaning either in the comments under this article or in the articles you might want to write on the subject of building a Creative Society.

I would like to make a strong argument to the effect that nothing is really impossible for people who have taken an active stand for themselves. This is the international online conference that took place on 24.07.2021: "Global Crisis. This already affects everyone."

This is a unique event! When the most important problems facing humanity today are voiced to the world, and at the same time the solutions to these problems are also voiced. When people want they find solutions and this conference is a great example and indisputable proof of that. They are not looking for excuses. They just act, and that's the result! More than 72 languages of simultaneous interpretation, technical support group's professional work, a huge amount of information – all these reveal the essence and give the integrity of the picture. The conference, organized by volunteers, the participants of ALLATRA International Public Movement was held at the highest level! Such conferences can not even be organized at the same level by the largest nations with their multibillion-dollar resources. Ordinary people from all over the world have shown a great example of coordinated and consolidated actions for the common good!

And so, friends, we all need to recognize the fact that in reality we can do so much together!

Our Universal Victory begins in the mind of each of us!

As soon as we accept in our heads the fact that I am the same as all other people of this planet, and therefore just like everyone else, responsible for what will happen to it. If I want to live on this planet as a human being, in a dignified way, then I need to act today so that tomorrow the world will be different.

The only barrier between us and the Creative Society is the barrier in our minds. By removing this barrier, we open up a great variety of possibilities for action that change the world for the better. We all need to believe in our power and our potential – they are truly enormous! (Just accept that things are, in fact, much simpler and closer than consciousness shows). 

In fact, all we have to do is two simple things.

  1. Read the information about Creative Society in details.
  2. To inform other people about this information.

That is all. And the world will begin to change for the better. Don't believe it? Let's check it out together!

And so, friends, today each of us must answer one question for yourself, and the summary of all our answers will be a result for the entire future of humanity. The question is simple and it has already been voiced. And the answer is simple as well. All we have to do is to look inside yourself.

And we, ALLATRA IPM participants, are the same inhabitants of this planet, like everyone else, we can only add: It's enough to be inactive. Let's create together!

* "the voice of the people is the voice of God".

Authors: ALLATRA IPM participants

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