Split of the USA or Activity of World’s Largest Supervolcano – Yellowstone Caldera.

Split of the USA or Activity of World’s Largest Supervolcano – Yellowstone Caldera.

“Well, Sensei, you’ve sent me rather far,” grinned Vano.
“Buryatia, just think about it! Couldn’t you have picked
a more southerly place, the Canaries, for example?..”
“Ha, the Canaries,” Sensei waved his hand, matching his
friend’s joking mood. “Why would you need to go there?
It will be quite cold there, with a lot of snow, and quite soon by the way.”

This quotation is taken from the book Ezoosmos of modern writer Anastasia Novykh. There’s a grain of truth in every joke, as they say. The truth of these words can be proven by the events that are happening today. For a long time, we have observed many phenomena, which shouldn’t have happened according to scientific predictions. Several of the biggest cataclysms in our history took place in the last decades. They affected different parts of the Earth. Undoubtedly, such catastrophes led to huge financial, industrial, and food crises in these affected regions. It is also known that one cataclysm is capable of provoking a chain reaction of natural catastrophes, affecting climate and weather conditions all over the world. Such events can’t leave decent scientists and socially active people indifferent.

Global seismic hazard map 2014 year.Although politics and governors conceal such information from public knowledge to keep their absolute power over us, many honest scientists try to shed light on these important facts and notify us about possible future events. That is why Kristina Kovalevskaya read out the report: “On the Problems and Consequences of Global Climate Change on Earth. Effective Ways to Solve These Problems” at a closed meeting of the department of strategic planning and security of ALLATRA IPM in the autumn of 2014.

Natural cataclysms in Japan, Haiti, and Sumatra have, without a doubt, played a huge part in global climatic changes on the Earth. Numerous inconsistencies between the information available to public knowledge and the realities of today have become known, thanks to the study of geoengineering… This problem also applies to modern well-known tectonic maps. For example, the North American Plate (lithospheric plate) isn’t as whole as it seemed.

North America is Sitting on a “Powder Keg”!

The latest data indicate that an intensive formation of a split is taking place on the continental crust of the North American Plate. It is transforming into a rift along the border which practically divides the territory of the USA into two halves. In recent years, the activity of the Yellowstone caldera (the largest supervolcano on the North American continent) has been especially alarming.

Yellowstone ParkIts dimensions, according to experts, are about 55 km to 72 km! Since the beginning of 2002, scientists have observed such phenomena as formation of new geysers, ground deformation, increase in the temperature of the soil to boiling point, the emergence of new cracks and crevices (through which volcanic gases contained in the magma are released) in the National Yellowstone Park as well as many others dangerous signs of the awakening of the supervolcano.

The fact that these figures are several times higher than those in the previous years is disturbing. It confirms that the Yellowstone supervolcano’s magma is now rising to the surface with twice the speed. According to the most modest scientific predictions, the supereruption of the Yellowstone Caldera may lead to a sudden climate change on the whole planet. But the worst part is that it is capable of instantly destroying life on the whole continent.

Considering possible global natural disasters on the North American continent in the coming decades, we are already speaking about hundreds of millions of climate refugees. Considering the fact that the world politics artificially divides people to keep their power over us, it is of utmost importance for us to change the values of society from the consumerist format to the spiritual, moral, and creative one. So we could live in a world where good, humanity, conscience, mutual help, friendship, and the dominance of spiritual and moral foundations would prevail in relationships among people, regardless of their nationality, religion, social status and other conventional and artificial separations of the world community.

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