Human's happiness lies in his goodness

Human's happiness lies in his goodness

If you want to be happy, you should not build your happiness on other people's personal territory. Even if these people are your parents or children, if you share the same last name, if you are connected by common work and economic relations.

Happiness and well-being are only a person's responsibility for himself, whether he wants it or not. Any attempt to build one's happiness in another person's private space, to delegate responsibility for one's happiness to someone else, inevitably leads to pain. First of all, the pain of falling from the heights of your own illusions and delusions. Nobody should make someone happy. Happiness is always in the personal space, in the inner world of the person himself, and you can turn your face to your happiness at any time and no longer turn away.

It is up to a person to choose to rejoice in each day, to meet difficulties with faith in goodness and his or her strength, to treat people kindly, to love just because you live, to find opportunities to do what you love, to unselfishly help others, and to be grateful for everything.

Social games of convention and dependence:

  • trade-off "you take care of me and I will take care of you";
  • childish egocentrism: "everything is for me";
  • heroic delusions of grandeur: "I do everything just for them" and "I will conquer everything, I will prove to everyone"; 
  • opposing oneself to people: "I am the best" or "I am the worst of all”;
  • endless pursuit of the future: "if I have that thing, that person, that event, that achievement, then I will be happy" - in the style of the donkey following the carrot;
  • persistent locking in the past: "I'm a victim of circumstances, if it weren't for them I'd be happy."
  • anxious expectation of evaluation from others and labeling them.

All these are derivatives of pride, lack of freedom, misfortune, the desire to enslave one's own kind and to dominate at least someone, because they themselves are blindly enslaved by the fear of death and the instinct of domination. In such games of "eternally hungry consumers," a person makes great efforts and only for a brief moment, achieves relief from fear and itch of desires, and then again anxiety and dissatisfaction drive him to seek something from other people. Under such conditions violence, addictions, hatred, conflict, lies and deceit multiply.

Become a Human. ALLATRA Vesti

But there is another way. What if you try to treat people with gratitude, peace, respect and kindness - always? Not because you received something from them and now you have to give them something back, but because your nature is kindness, Love and humanity.

This path is beneath everyone's feet, and everyone is able to follow it, no matter where those around him are headed. Although it is always a joy to meet a like-minded person on the road of goodness. It is joyful when many people unite in good deeds. Their example can restore faith in goodness and inspire worthy deeds.

It all starts within each of us. With finding an inner spiritual support and true happiness. And this is a choice. Each person’s personal choice. To love and step over fear, to thank and step over greed, to rejoice and sweep away negative thoughts, to rely on the goodness in yourself and ignore doubts, to treat people with understanding and to stop evil on yourself. Be the person you are happy to be.

For example, I'm happy to be a person who radiates positivity, lightness, happiness, has a responsible approach to things, and when I feel that I can do something good for people, I just do it. And if I stumble on resentment, greed or self-pity, then I'm not happy with myself anymore. But I never give up and look for a way to rise. I remember that it is my true nature to love, that life is an incredibly beautiful gift, and I am grateful for the opportunity to grow above my weaknesses and do something good in the world in which I live.

This is how humanity is born. When you work on yourself every day, and you see how difficult it is sometimes to achieve simplicity, to revive goodness and joy within yourself, to let go of unnecessary things and just be happy, then comes the understanding how much you should cherish, protect, value and never betray every person and the feeling of love in yourself.

You realise that good can never be imposed from above and that it is only a personal choice and meticulous inner work of everyone on themselves. That when a person is angry, he causes the most suffering to himself. When one tries to live only for oneself, one deprives oneself of the most precious things. And when a person chooses to love and act with goodness, he brings the greatest happiness to himself.

Unconditional Love in a person gives him the highest freedom. An internally free person creates only good things in this world. Thanks to the conscious choice of such people to be active promoters of good, there appears a creative vector of development in society. Peaceful communication and cooperation in all areas of public life and international relations is taking place at local and global levels.

Each person is a part of society, and together we are humanity. We have a chance to become a true civilization, not by name, but in fact. After all, humanity is capable of learning from its own experience, capable to perceive the knowledge and wisdom of millennia and capable of making global choices in its development.

And I believe that one day people will be born in a society that values human life, a world without wars and cruelty, a world where one is friend to another, a world of free and happy people who have never known poverty and violence in their lives, people who live in Love.

The beginning of this world is “here and now”, in our choice. In the choices of each person. The decision of everyone. The happiness of one person is incomplete when someone in the world suffers and suffers not of his own free will, but because he was born in an abusive environment. It is in the power of each person to take the side of goodness in himself, in his family, in his community and in the entire world. Where one has overcome his or her imagined fear and has done the simplest but good deed, has said even one but kind word, there will be a second one who will also show more kindness. And together, drop by drop, we will gather into an ocean of happiness, real human happiness.

The world will change, true happiness. ALLATRA Vesti

It is through the free choice of people to live by Love and humaneness that society can become one, in which every person on the planet will be happy to live.

The International Public Movement "ALLATRA" participants are conducting social polls all over the world today. People of all ages and professions are asked questions: "How do you see the Creative Society, the society in which you, your relatives and all people on the Earth will be comfortable to live? What should be in such a society in which you want to live and feel happy?"

And people answer that they want peace, that all people on the Earth are united by Love, that everyone on the planet should have decent living conditions, freedom and opportunities for development.

On the basis of universal human values and the common goal to live happily, ordinary people unite and, in their spare time from their main work, implement information projects aimed at the popularization of spiritual and moral values in the society and creation of conditions for the development of the Creative Society.

“ALLATRA" IPM projects contribute to peace between peoples regardless of race, nationality, political preferences, religious affiliation, language and status through the reporting of truthful information about what we all have in common, opinions of ordinary people from all countries, examples about creative activities of people and organizations in the society.

The ALLATRA TV projects, "GeoCenter. info", "CREATIVE SOCIETY" cover the opinions of scientists and professionals in the fields of psychology, medicine, sports, economics, physics, information technology, ecology, climatology, geology, archeology, history, music, culture, art, law, diplomacy, journalism about what are the opportunities and directions of development in these areas, which will help the society to move in the creative vector of development and humanity will have a chance to survive in a global climate change.

When a human life is the highest value, there can be no reason to harm anyone with economic or other activities. But there are millions of reasons to take creative initiatives to improve the society and take care of people.

The happiness of being a creator is available to everyone who takes the side of the good within themselves. And the more people become stronger in goodness, the more the world will be filled with beautiful initiatives and incredible opportunities for development, the more happy and free people there will be on the Earth.

“ALLATRA” IPM participant Olga B.

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