Synchronization around the world. The Creative Society

Synchronization around the world.  The Creative Society

In the video on ALLATRA TV "The Creative Society Unites Everyone" Igor Mikhailovich Danilov spoke about the people’s synchronization. He gave an example, if one person can lift 50 kg, then two people, having started to act, can not only lift 100 kg together, but much more. Because they unite not only physically, but also mentally, spiritually and intellectually. And this expands the possibilities.

About synchronization. Since this broadcast came out, Armageddon has been going on inside me. I understood the words of Igor Mikhailovich. We won't be able to build such a society if we don't start talking. He suggested a very simple way. Take a mobile phone and start sharing information about the Creative Society project with your contacts.

A battle of two beginnings flared up in me. I felt that this was a real way out and the only one, but many thoughts came to my mind about lack of confidence in my abilities, fear that they would think of you, no one needs it, let it be as it is, you need to think about personal salvation of the soul, because there are some years left, I'd rather live for the benefit of my soul. These thoughts seem to consist of familiar and "spiritual" words, but they were used with only one purpose - to stop my desire. Because I was on the verge of inner discoveries that concerned my personal spiritual growth, not even growth, but the discovery of something transcendent, unknown for me and the world outlook. Therefore, consciousness broadcasts similar thoughts for two days with its favorite red button, which is aimed at pride and selfishness.

Despite this mess in my head, I did not expect a "holy kick", I started sending invitations to the event on December 20, 2020 to all my friends. There was everything: someone looked and did not answer, someone said that he was on his own, or that he was now very busy and there was no time to do this. In this process, thoughts also came that nothing was working, there were so many joyful examples shared around, but you didn't have any, give it up. But ... I still set myself a task of informing at least one person every day about the project. In what way? So it does not matter. The main thing is to learn to be flexible, to try different ways, to act. Not to impose on people, but to learn to listen and hear the person you are talking to.

One incident happened at work. A man came to me to take a photo for documents and somehow the talk about the project came up. At that moment, I noticed that my thoughts began to bounce around and became incoherent. The thought came that it was a failure, it hadn't worked out. But I forbade my consciousness to evaluate any of my communication. Who knows how life will go on for this person. Maybe he'll meet someone he knows or doesn't know where they will tell him more, and he will be ready to listen with interest. Or maybe he will go to the Internet and start googling the topic "Creative Society". We never really know where our actions will lead.

And now, some time has passed, and I began to understand Igor Mikhailovich's words, or rather to feel that we need to unite and love one another.

Bringing people together. Creative Society

Why is this so important? I watched how doing one common thing with the guys, the animal nature constantly tried to separate us under various pretexts, ranging from personal ambitions to dissatisfaction. And a clear understanding came that it doesn't matter what kind of external work we do, the main thing is that it should be in unity and, above all, in internal unity. There were many cases when the system tried to separate us and embroil us.

I kind of respected the other participants, took on some responsibility, somehow interacted ... but ... there was no inner purity. What am I talking about?

For example, you need to make pictures for the article. I make them. Some idea came up, it even turned out beautifully, but on joint calls, friends say that something is wrong in it or the picture is cool, but it is not suitable for this article. At that time, my consciousness was torn to shreds inside me, thoughts tormented me. That my idea was not taken, I didn’t like it, either I’m unfinished, or someone. Although outwardly I learned not to show it, but the pain from thoughts was unbearable.

Another example is when someone in the chat shares a sincere story of how he managed to tell the person about the project and he joined. That's great, that's really cool. But ... not for consciousness. It sent thoughts that it wasn't you, it wasn't you in their shoes, you don't know how to tell a story like that, no one from your circle agreed and they weren't interested. That is, you have nothing to brag about.

I wondered where the attention was directed? Where did my attention go? To fight, to argue, to listen to these depressing thoughts.

After a while, observing myself, I noticed that the perception of what was happening had changed. Instead of envy and struggle with thoughts, I began to feel joy, happiness, love. The understanding came that we are one and the same.

Someone shared a wonderful, excellent story of how he managed to tell a friend about the Creative Society. How happy I am inside, and there is no envy at all. Someone managed to come to Kiev to the coordination center and I have a feeling that I also visited there. I am happy for this person. Not because I became indifferent and put up with it. I am happy because we are all friends, we are all acting in the same direction and moving towards the same goal. And all the ideas that come up begin to work out.

You no longer listen to thoughts. If you meet a person who is not interested, don't waste your attention on that, but actively try, do what you can right now. This is very inspiring and delightful. You see how creativity wakes up in people. You watch popular memes, pictures, vlogs, videos on the topic of the Creative Society on social networks. This is how these words, this idea, this project are spread by joint actions of people all over the world. Acting actively yourself, you see how others get involved and spread in their place. This wave of universal unity grows every day.

I understood. Here it is - a real unification, synchronization of us, people! We are already flying. Millions of people are already united and are acting. Now it is very important that even more people get involved in the implementation of the Creative Society project. And then the whole world will change.

Dear friend, join us, because with you we can do this much faster and avoid those global catastrophes that await us if we are inactive. Join on December 20, 2020 to the International Online Conference “Creative Society. United we can."

Anastasia, a participant of ALLATRA IPM

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    Конференция состоялась! Какая же она была интересная, познавательная, расширяющая кругозор. То, что я услышала помогло мне увидеть наш мир глобально, со стороны, начать мыслить " out of the box" . И самое главное, самое вдохновляющее, что реально показан выход. Созидательное общество свободных людей уже строиться самими людьми!

  • К

    Вот точно такие же мысли-отвлечения были! спасибо, что озвучила❤️🤗

  • Л

    В статье раскрывается подноготная сознания, как мысли навязываются, долбят и изматывают. Радостно, что есть понимание, что это внешнее, не твоё. Получается отделиться от этого, почувствовать себя настоящего, доброго и любящего. Ведь просто любить - это легко. Любить всех и всё. Всё едино и взаимосвязано. Люблю физику и понятие синхронизации понятно и близко. Действительно, когда мы все синхронизируемся, наступает резонанс, всплеск и скачок. Важно чтобы этим резонансом была Любовь. Любовь спасёт мир - это известная фраза, но сейчас пришло истинное понимание её смысла. Спасибо за эту статью

  • Е

    Спасибо огромное! Очень откликнулось. Чувствуется радость за других людей, за всех нас! Очень радует, что в резальтате работы над собой, давление от сознания ослабевает. Класс!

  • Ю

    Искреннее откровение автора статьи очень близко моему сердцу. Такие же мысли мучали в сознании, так же чувствовала себя плохо, если не получалось их преодолеть. Сейчас поняла, что не надо ждать реакции, надеяться на похвалу или бояться осуждения, когда ты уверен, что делаешь правое дело, для людей, для всех, альтруистически, для нашего общего будущего. Для человека намного важнее внутренний результат, а не внешний - победа над своим эгоизмом.

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    Елена Л

    Радостно осознавать, что миллионы людей по всему миру уже действуют. И синхронизация их действий способна пробудить от духовной спячки всё человечество. Созидательное общество - это наш единственный Шанс на счастливое будущее для себя, наших детей и внуков.

  • М

    Такие хорошие понимания. Спасибо автору. Ведь действительно сейчас очень многое зависит от наших активных и сплочённых действий.

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