Halloween - is it a solar holiday or a mystic night? The true traditions and the symbolism of the holiday

Every year on October 31st thousands of jack-o'-lanterns are being light up in honor of Halloween. On this day many people dress up in masquerade ...


I have got a lump of sugar or what is a Spiritual life?

The right of choice is sacred and it was given us by God. Everyone is free to choose himself, but everyone will be responsible for a personal choice. ...


Life in the depth of feelings (translations of the selected poems by Zinaida Mirkina)

Humanity has been often blessed with prominent people – souls who have an amazing ability to see beyond the visible and temporary contours of ...


The value of life and the true knowlеdge

Life is given to us to reach the Heaven, Nirvana Moksha, etc. That’s what all the Great Souls were teaching us. But instead most people waste it ...


Consciousness should be kept CONSTANTLY busy!

All of us have read the books by Anastasia Novykh, have watched the programmes with the participation of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov, and it would seem ...


The story of the book that has changed my life.

I’ve always known that God exists. It was my inner feeling called intuitive knowledge. Just because it couldn't have been any other way. In some ...


The scientists have ascertained that the brain retains positive and negative memories separately

Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Japanese RIKEN Institute, have found out that different groups of neurons, which ...


What is the Personality? Analytical study

What is the Personality? It is only the germ of the individual Consciousness of a potential Spiritual being. Initially, it does not represent any ...


Disclosure: Voice in my Head

Recently I was actively involved in tracing the thoughts from the Animal nature, identified patterns by which it caught my attention, analysed ...


Am I evolving spiritually or not?

When dealing with those who are on the path of the spiritual development, one often hears the question: “Am I evolving spiritually or not, and ...


Friendship increases longevity and protects your heart

People, who have a lot of friends and a large social circle, have a healthy heart. This is the conclusion of Harvard scientists who found out that ...


Who is a Real human?

How often do we hear and use such phrases as a Real human, a Human with a capital H? But what, in fact, does it mean? It is possible to describe ...

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