Life in the depth of feelings (translations of the selected poems by Zinaida Mirkina)

Humanity has been often blessed with prominent people – souls who have an amazing ability to see beyond the visible and temporary contours of ...


The value of life and the true knowlеdge

Life is given to us to reach the Heaven, Nirvana Moksha, etc. That’s what all the Great Souls were teaching us. But instead most people waste it ...


The scientists have ascertained that the brain retains positive and negative memories separately

Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Japanese RIKEN Institute, have found out that different groups of neurons, which ...


How one person changed the world… Aamir Khan

Each of us has the sun inside which is able to bring joy and warm other people. Only those who let it shine, bring to this world high spirit, ...


Independent media. How to form public opinion

International media without political "front" and corrupt stories. Is this possible?


Access to education and dissemination of Primordial Knowledge is the basis of a prosperous society

Elizabeth Miranda works as a teacher in the province of Occidental Mindoro, Philippines. The girl has to overcome a considerable distance to get to ...


What don’t we know about the work of our brain?

In the course of experiments the scientists have completely debunked the myth that the right cerebral hemisphere is responsible for emotions and the ...


Power of thought - a real help after serious injuries

The experiments of Italian and German scientists have shown that the power of thought is able to help people recover from their illnesses! An Italian ...


How to renew warm relationships between neighbors?

A couple of centuries ago people did not even close the door for the night, especially those living in rural areas; they warmly received any walker, ...

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Any action is first of all generated by our begotten thought.