Creative society. The main value is a human life

Creative society. The main value is a human life

How to build a society in which the highest value will be human life? A society oriented toward the welfare and freedoms of a person, in which everyone would feel protected and happy. What can we do in this direction now for ourselves, for our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren?


Today, the consumer format in which the current society exists, where man is a wolf to man, where the stronger eat the weaker, where the one who has more money and power is right, leads all of us to self-destruction. We see it all, and we understand it. This is a reality that concerns everyone. We live our lives in an artificially imposed system of values. Do we like it? Is this life we want to leave for our children? Are we happy?

Many people understand the absurdity of what is happening, and at the same time they hear thoughts that it is difficult to change something. However, that is not true. Having united, people can do a lot. Thanks to modern communication systems, all of humanity can begin to interact and build a society where human beings and their lifes are the highest value. And people are already doing this.

Creative society. ALLATRA Vesti

The program “CREATIVE SOCIETY”, which aired on the ALLATRA TV channel, was preceded by a number of events that received a wide response around the world. First of all, it is a unique online meeting of all mankind, the international teleconference "Society. Last chance," which took place on May 11, 2019, on the platform of the International Public Movement "ALLATRA." Its uniqueness is that this meeting was initiated by the people themselves. Ordinary people who understood the need for change and went on the air at the same time to look each other in the eyes. At the meeting the truth was told and critical questions were raised. Important ones: How can we change the format of society from a consumerist one to a creative one? How can we turn away from the path of self-destruction?

To date, the participants of ALLATRA IPM have conducted thousands of social surveys, TV-bridges, online interviews and video conferences in 180 countries, where people were asked to describe the society in which they and their loved ones would be happy. People responded frankly that they wanted to live in society with peace, love, freedom, mutual respect and friendship amongst everyone. Public figures and leaders from around the world shared the same understandings in numerous interviews.

Thus, the conference "Society. The Last Chance" has grown into the "Creative Society” project.


  • How can we achieve what millions of people on our planet strive for?
  • What kind of society should it be?
  • How do we build it? What is it based on?
  • Who or what is the top priority in such a society?

This is what Igor Mikhailovich Danilov talked about in an exclusive interview with international Internet television ALLATRA TV. He shared his vision of the foundations and stages of building the creative society.

“The Creative Society is simple, it's very comfortable and convenient for a person. Why? Because it is focused on a person's benefits and freedoms,” says I.M. Danilov. - There are no lies there, no deception, and most importantly, there is no power”.

The Creative Society provides benefits, it makes a human - The Human!

Using simple and understandable examples, Igor Mikhailovich shows the reality of building such a society in 10 years throughout the entire planet. But we must act together. After all, what cannot be done alone is possible if we do it together. It is important to understand that no one, but us, will do this. Here we are already talking about the responsibility of each individual for his own choice.

The creative society is a society without war and violence, where doctors are paid to keep people healthy, and where a scientist's salary depends on how much his work improves people's lives.

The talk touched in detail on all the basic principles of building a creative society, which is based on 8 foundations.

The most important value is human life. It is the individual, his freedoms and needs that are the basis on which a society of creation is built. In such a society, security and free supply of vital needs are guaranteed. Among other things, the individual is guaranteed free high-quality education and medicine.

All natural resources as well as the media belong to people. This will ensure fairness and equality amongst people, and will also provide an opportunity to convey transparent and honest information to people.

Serious importance is given to creative ideology and personal development. In the interview, Igor Mikhailovich noted that we needed the right images. That is why it is important to make it fashionable to be active and socially useful person.

In the creative society there is no such thing as power. All issues are resolved together in a national referendum.

Igor Mikhailovich: “Self-government is wonderful. Some people also say, “How the illiterate people... after all, they don't know what is needed”. Guys, well, actually, how it is done now, several hundred people sit in the parliaments, and pass a lot of laws every day. Right?

In the Creative Society, this is impossible. Why? There must be simple written truths. That's all. Again, people at the referendum and everything goes according to it. That is, it is a one-time thing, and then, if something changes, modern technologies, these gadgets allow the whole humankind to be connected. And since it concerns us, it concerns our rights, our benefits, so we ourselves are interested in such state of things, when we ourselves take responsibility for any changes that concern our benefits, our life, that is, we vote for it. This is called self-government basically, when we as a whole community decide if there should be something or not. And again, in the Creative Society, it must be clearly stated that it is allowed to improve, but it is not allowed to make human life worse. So, this is the guideline that should stand.”


In the interview I.M.Danilov spoke in great detail on the stages and ways of building a Creative Society.

The first stage is informational. It should inform people that building a creative society is real, and it can be achieved by the people themselves.

The second stage is political. It is necessary to support those politicians and parties that are ready to implement the principles of a creative society - to bring to life its 8 Foundations of the Creative Society . At the international level, such parties and countries will unite.

As I.M. Danilov says: "Humanity does not need revolutions, it needs an evolution of transition from a consumerist to a creative format.

And most importantly, all people want to live in such a society. In a society of equality, brotherhood and friendship. And now humanity has a real opportunity not just to start building it for distant descendants, but to build such a society in 10 years. To build and live in it. This is a great chance and responsibility. After all, everything depends on our choices.

Igor Mikhailovich: There are no disagreements at all. Beasts have disagreements, humans have no disagreements. We just have to stop being beasts to each other. Everything that happened is behind us. It doesn't matter what happened, it matters what will happen. And that's what we have to strive for. Is that right? For building something new, something we won't be ashamed of before our descendants. What we will build is what they will live in. That is actually a real heritage that we can all create for our future generations.

Participants of the “ALLATRA Vesti” Project

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