Creative society

Will humanity survive? It’s time to turn the Life program on!

Do you remember the promised Apocalypse of 2012? Millions of people assembled at the exact time, waiting for the End of Days. Mass-media were ...

Creative society

The value of life and the true knowlеdge

Life is given to us to reach the Heaven, Nirvana Moksha, etc. That’s what all the Great Souls were teaching us. But instead most people waste it ...

Creative society

How one person changed the world… Aamir Khan

Each of us has the sun inside which is able to bring joy and warm other people. Only those who let it shine, bring to this world high spirit, ...

Creative society

Independent media. How to form public opinion

International media without political "front" and corrupt stories. Is this possible?

Creative society

Where does a creative community of people start from?

Three months ago, a concierge was employed in one of the Kiev entrances of the apartment (concierge, concierge is a person whose job is to provide ...

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