“We have to give our kids a new future, a new future that is not polluted, that is peaceful, and that is respectful.”

This was the message to the global community delivered at the international online conference "Global Crisis. This already affects everyone" from Mrs. Yusra Balaa, a member of the Council of Beirut municipality.

Mrs. Yusra Balaa spoke about the crisis that the whole world is experiencing right now. She emphasized the environmental problem and stressed that only by uniting together it is possible to solve this problem and save the world from a disaster.

“The global crisis is like no other. It is affecting every country around the world. And this is mainly an environmental issue that has to be tackled by all members of the society - from leaders to universities, to researchers, to international organizations. We have to work together and cooperate to evade the risk of being erased.”

Mrs. Yusra Balaa emphasized that saving our planet is a universal issue. Leaders of countries must also do their part. They can begin to cooperate by gathering around the same table, look at the problem from an economic perspective, and make a plan together. Because everything in our world is interconnected, this is vital for all countries.

“We must not keep behind any country, irrespective of any political issue or any other measures, because any country, if not really taken into account, might affect adversely the other countries.”

Mrs. Yusra Balaa emphasized the importance of bringing all people together, regardless of social status, religion or nationality, to solve the global challenges that the world is currently facing. For only together we can avoid the danger of humanity destruction.

“If we do not cooperate altogether - all levels of the society, from the citizens to the youngsters, to all people, to the decision makers, to firms, to the economic sector, to every sector in the world, we cannot reach our change in the global climate and preserve... and sustain our living.”

The international online conference “Global crisis. This already affects everyone," held on July 24, 2021 on the platform of ALLATRA International Public Movement, united millions of people around the world.

Scientists, specialists from different fields and people who do not care, who understand the importance and complexity of the current situation in the world, united in a common desire to bring the truth to all people and to preserve our common home for us and our children.

Building a Creative Society, in which the most important value is the life of each person, is the only chance to survive the global challenges currently facing all of humanity.

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