Freedom from the fear of death

Freedom from the fear of death

«Death is a subject that is paid very little attention in modern society. It is on the sidelines. Rather, it has become a strange instrument of fear and worries».

May 22, 2021 is a significant day for all people. On this day the international online conference "Life after death. Fiction and Facts", which shattered illusions, revived the value of each person's life, and answered the question, "Is there life after death?" The information, which was disclosed in the speeches of the speakers, revealed the truth about the true nature of a person, the purpose of life and about what happens beyond the verge called death.

The speakers of this unique conference were world-famous physicists, doctors, theologians, cultural representatives, eyewitnesses, and researchers.

One of the first speakers was William Poltikovich from the Czech Republic, a master's degree in documentary filmmaking (FAMU), a documentary filmmaker, traveler, photographer, author of books and author of more than 120 documentaries.

William Poltikovich creates documentaries mainly on spiritual themes and about travel. In 2012 in Peru he made the documentary "Teachers from the stars," in which he looked for traces of extraterrestrial civilizations.

In 2015, Czech Television presented his documentary series "Gates of Death," which aimed to convey a different perspective on the understanding of death.

William Poltikovich noted that a lack of understanding of death generates fear. And fear is a tool of manipulation. A person who is afraid is easy to manipulate.

A person who does not fear death becomes free. Awareness  of the body's finitude does not mean that everything ends.

In his speech, Mr. Poltikovich reminded us that quantum physics has already proved that "consciousness does not depend on the brain, it is not its product," and gave an interesting analogy that "our bodies are just some transformers of some kind of universal consciousness. It's like if you had a television broadcast and the televisions were separate receivers of that broadcast. If a television set breaks or fails, it doesn't mean that the broadcasting is over. So this has already been scientifically proven.”

Concluding his report, William Poltikovich expressed the wish this knowledge to be made public and discussed openly in society through the mass media.

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