The value of life and the true knowlеdge

The value of life and the true knowlеdge

Life is given to us to reach the Heaven, Nirvana Moksha, etc. That’s what all the Great Souls were teaching us. But instead most people waste it ...

Access to education and dissemination of Primordial Knowledge is the basis of a prosperous society

Доступность образования и распространение Исконных Знаний - основа для построения процветающего общества

Elizabeth Miranda works as a teacher in the province of Occidental Mindoro, Philippines. The girl has to overcome a considerable distance to get to ...

Fresh outlook on unexpectedly rapid expansion of the Universe

Новый взгляд на неожиданно быстрое расширение Вселенной

American astronomers’ researches confirm the information from the books by Anastasia Novykh. The rate of the universe expansion turned out to be ...

The whole complexity lies in the simplicity

Вся сложность в простоте

A lot of people all over the planet have spiritually awakened recently. The kind of knowledge and the way it was done do not really matter. All of us ...

The days of equinox. Transfer of knowledge about the human energy structure.

Дни равноденствия. Передача знаний об энергетической конструкции человека

According to a historical data, the various archaeological findings, and information from the myths and legends, we know that all the peoples ...

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