How I was looking for “demonic provocations (prilogues)”…or a gentle breeze over the lake

Как я искала «прилоги»… или лёгкий ветерок над озером

As one great man said: “The work on oneself starts with the thoughts control”. And I have decided to acquire this skill, too. To study ...

Am I evolving spiritually or not?

Иду я или не иду?

When dealing with those who are on the path of the spiritual development, one often hears the question: “Am I evolving spiritually or not, and ...

The whole complexity lies in the simplicity

Вся сложность в простоте

A lot of people all over the planet have spiritually awakened recently. The kind of knowledge and the way it was done do not really matter. All of us ...

I have got a lump of sugar or what is a Spiritual life?

А сахарок-то у меня или что такое Духовная жизнь

The right of choice is sacred and it was given us by God. Everyone is free to choose himself, but everyone will be responsible for a personal choice. ...

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