Taliy Shkurupiy about the benefits and perspectives of the development of artificial intelligence

Taliy Shkurupiy about the benefits and perspectives of the development of artificial intelligence

“Combining artificial intelligence into one system will certainly increase its potential many times over. And this will not only simplify our life, but what is most important will save millions of lives across the planet."

This view on the perspectives of the development of artificial intelligence was voiced by an IT specialist from the U.S. Taliy Shkurupiy at the International online conference "GLOBAL CRISIS. THIS ALREADY AFFECTS EVERYONE". 

This unprecedented event took place on July 24, 2021 on Allatra International Public Movement platform with simultaneous interpretation into 72 languages.

In his speech, Taliy talked about how artificial intelligence is changing our lives and what are the prospects of the development of this technology. 

"Just imagine, the ambulance and emergency services will always arrive on time to those who need them, because artificial intelligence will control everything, all urban transport. In case of natural disasters, artificial intelligence will organize the evacuation of people to safe regions as quickly as possible.”

He also emphasized that the development of artificial superintelligence will make people's lives safer in different parts of our planet and eliminate the opportunity of carrying out criminal acts with impunity. This will create more comfortable conditions for human development and life. And what is important – it will allow us to explore outer space.

Artificial intelligence can create a wonderful future for all mankind. The perspectives of the development of this technology are enormous. But with the current consumer format of our society, the introduction of such technologies will aggravate the global crisis, will cause mass unemployment, and introduce total control and enslavement of people. If people can change the consumer format to a creative one, artificial intelligence can make life much easier by providing comfort and safety.

In the creative society, the highest value is the life of a person and his good. In such a peaceful society, all technologies will develop exclusively in the interests of humanity. The evolution of technology development will be aimed at supporting the peaceful lifestyle, the development of science, improving medicine, education and production, in order to ensure a decent life of every person.

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    "Если люди смогут изменить потребительский формат на Созидательный, то искусственный интеллект сможет значительно облегчить жизнь, обеспечив комфорт и безопасность." В этом то и суть внедрения искусственного интеллекта!!! Только в Созидательном обществе внедрение ИИ приемлимо!

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    Очень много интересного узнала про искусственный интеллект впервые на конференции "Глобальный кризис". И то, что он может упростить жизнь при созидательном формате и усложнить при существующем потребительском.

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    Very comprehencive report. All of people needs the decent life, which may be only in creative society. It was very interesting to know about AI. We have heard reports of many wellknown scientists about climate changing and what people would face in emergency. Let's join everyone in our movement AllatRa to save the MANKIND!

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    Спасибо Вам, Талий, за прояснение и озвученые факты которые могут войти в реальность этого времени. Каждый человек хочет жить в безопасном Мире, но для этого нам нужно всем вместе как пчелкам потрудиться для реализации этого «сейчас», то есть построить Созидательное Общество.

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