The theory of six handshakes: a small step towards big changes

The theory of six handshakes: a small step  towards big changes

A while back, I was offered to participate in a live broadcasting of “Six handshakes.” I have already heard about this project before. It is based on the theory of six handshakes. The meaning of the theory is the statement that any person on our planet knows any other person through five acquaintances. It sounds unrealistic. But actually the world is a very small place. And the participants of ALLATRA IPM undertook to prove the validity of this theory. They invite their acquaintances, and those, in turn, their acquaintances and so on. The chain is not interrupted. And nothing is a hindrance: neither the distance of cities, nor the borders of countries, nor the difference in time zones, nor the language barrier.

When I was invited, thoughts immediately ran through my head arguing why I couldn’t participate: I hadn’t had English practice for a long time, I’m not photogenic, and it is a live broadcast! How will I be on the air?And so on. I admit honestly, it was not easy to get out of this mountain of doubt and begin to do something. To start with, I wrote an invitation to a friend I had not seen for several years. Meanwhile, there were also thoughts: “She will not agree, she is not interested”.

Luckily, the friend replied that she was ready to join me, and we honestly talked together about the subject of shyness. I used to think that I was the only one so “introverted”, felt constrained in front of the camera and worried. But in fact, it turned out that if we tell to our friends about it honestly and without hesitation, then most of them will share the same inner feelings, and maybe the joy of victory over their ego. Indeed, shyness and fear of the camera is nothing but a demonstration of egoism, fear for your image: What will they think of me?

In general, it was decided not to worry, not to think over, not to make plans about how the broadcast would go, but just to join at the right time.

The broadcast went great, in the form of a friendly conversation. We talked about our country, about the hospitality and kindness of local people, their traditions. And, of course, about how each of us imagines a creative society. A society in which it would be comfortable for absolutely everyone to live. In fact, we were so carried away by the conversation that we forgot about the excitement. When the broadcast was over, we kept talking. Then we exchanged our phone numbers.

Afterwards a feeling of joy, fulfillment and happiness came over me. The happiness of communication with wonderful people, of making new friends, of a small victory over the consciousness that encapsulated and resisted.

People can do a lot to build creative society

I do not know what changes this event will make globally in the world. But I gained more inner freedom and met wonderful people. And anyone who watches the broadcast will also be able to find out that somewhere far away, in a small southern country live the same people. And they dream, like everyone else, about a world without borders, about happiness, about equal opportunities for all people on the Earth, about a creative society.

Have you ever observed how mathematical fractals are built? That is very fascinating. The most striking thing is that any small change in the coordinate of a given point leads as a result to unpredictable changes of the whole fractal. Since it is a mobile, constantly evolving system. The same is our life. You could call it the butterfly effect. But the point is that the picture of the world we live in depends on each ordinary person, on each small action.

The theory of 6 handshakes for the future

Let's be friends with the whole world! What could be more pleasant? Anyone can join the broadcasts of six handshakes by writing to [email protected]. Anyone can take a small step towards the big changes in our world.

Participant of the ALLATRA IPM Julia Savenkova

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    JP Jun

    Very good Julia, I totally agree with you and to share experiences as well Thank you to all Participants who have made this possible AllatRa Forever

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