The value of life and the true knowlеdge

The value of life and the true knowlеdge

Life. A word that seems to have a certain meaning but at the same time is perceived differently by every living being on earth. Everything in the Universe is living in this or that way and one of such living creatures are humans. Since the times of the creation of the mankind there have been uncountable human lives on our planet. Despite those millions of human life examples that are written in our history books or depicted in some masterpieces, only a few can truly say that they perceived the meaning of life to the fullest. Mostly, those people are spiritual people or the ones who have found the purpose of the existence and have accomplished it.

In nowadays consumer society the main values and the goals of the life that are worth to live for are mostly regarded as money, power and restless consuming desire of everything around. These values are supported in every aspect of life: on TV and radio, in politics and ads, movies, songs, games and books, in everyday life and hence in the system of values between people. As a result of it,  

people work and do the everyday stuff automatically praying for more and more money and wealth in order to gain power and position in the society. And when such lifelong cherished dreams don’t come true, the person is considered to be a looser who can further easily undergo stress and depression. If the person is strong enough to overcome the lost state of mind he’ll be considered lucky, because as a rule, the consequences of such bewilderment are vital.

This is the reality and the world that we’re living in now. It’s crazy, isn’t it?

-But aren’t there any other life purposes than those materialistic lusts that we spend so much time and energy on and which soon or late are destined to be garbage and a mere illusion? - one would ask.

-Well, of course there are, - some other would answer. And the examples and the teachings of such life and life purposes have been brought  and shown not only by one Great Soul. They are the Ones who are the Great Teachers of the humanity. They are the Ones who could bring light to the mankind each time they were in most need. Eventually, they are the ones whose actions speak louder than words. Buddha, Jesus, Mohamed – the enlightened souls whose teachings show the same meaning in certain ways and which contradict and speak against nowadays morals and system of values in the society.

So, when one starts realizing the whole point of the subtle body given to us and its tremendous capabilities, he’ll also understand that the body is only the visible part of a man. As a rule, he’ll also perceive that there is another invisible substance that governs the body which should be felt and fully lived.

Haven’t those teachers mentioned about its priority over materialistic body and the importance of reaching the Heaven, Nirvana, Moksha and etc.  giving the instructions for reaching it?

One, who wishes will always find the way out of the materialistic sansara especially now when again the primordial and the truth knowledge about human, humans soul, mind and body are given to the world again. The Great Soul reveals us the truth about the past, present and future in Anastasia Novykh’s books. He explains why despite the similarity of the teachings of Jesus, Mohamed, Buddha and others, people have been killing each other on the religious ground. He shows us the actual rulers of the world that managed to change some of the teachings and many historical facts about past and present civilizations deceiving and cheating on people and leaving them in a complete chaos. Those hidden groups of people are the actual causers of the global wars, crisis, and other world events. A lot of so called human diseases, sudden depressive states, suicide attempts, accidents, murders are also more  often a consequence of activities of those hidden forces.    But most importantly one can find the most valuable knowledge about human soul, about what happens to the soul in its afterlife state and experience. Some spiritual practices that were known to the Teachers and that are able to awaken the soul and to change one’s life giving him or her a complete understanding and feeling of it, are also given in those books.

To cut long story short, everyone who reads these amazing books will surely get an unusual inspiration and good spirits. It is universal and actual for every age in the full sense of the word. Everyone will  find  answers for the innermost and personal questions. These books reveal a unique worldview and contain encyclopedic  knowledge. They  awaken huge spiritual forces in human souls and help to resist atrocity and injustice of this world. These books fill a human life with inmost sense and change the destiny for  the better. No more secrets will be left. The choice will be only after the reader. Whoever will open the eyes of his/ her soul, will find the purpose of the life and will have God within.  As Jesus says in Matthew 13:9 “He who has ears, let him hear."

So, welcome my friend to a new spiritual world where both the failure and the success is only upon you. You are the creator of your own destiny, which will be better accomplished when you have such weapon as true knowledge.


Author: Narine Grigoryan

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