The Time has Come

The Time has Come

You wonder why you are alone

In your desire to create a better world.

Seeing injustice known by all

You understand you can't keep silent anymore.

The time has come to use your voice

Along with millions of us across the globe.

We strive to live and to rejoice,

We choose Equality, Prosperity and Love.

Let our days be filled with Life!

We all deserve to have a safe and lovely place.

We as humanity deserve to thrive,

Let's be the ones who truly feel there is God's Grace.

Let our children grow in love,

We want them never know what wars and hunger are.

We all are capable to solve

All these bad things on Earth that people used to have.

Lead them to know that we come here

To see and keep alive the beauty of Goodwill.

To learn that happiness is near –

It is inside of us. We all feel it is real!

So let the music of each soul

Merge into one eternal melody of Love.

Let us forever be a whole 

and caring family with joy and peace worldwide!

My dear friend, here is my hand –

Take it and let's together make this easy step

Towards the future which is great.

Let's build the world the prophets dreamed of! Let's create!

Alina Mitas, ALLATRA IPM participant

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