Toran Singh Chahar about the manifestation of subpersonality

Toran Singh Chahar about the manifestation of subpersonality

"When I was four and a half years old and as soon as I started talking, I was constantly complaining to my father that it wasn't my home. That they didn't have enough money and were poor. One day my father took me to Agra, 1.2 to 1.5 kilometers away from the place I was talking about. Then he followed me. I walked ahead of him. I walked and entered my store. It used to be my store. Then I talked to my wife, so to say. I asked her about some changes that had taken place in the store. She was surprised when she saw a boy of 4.5 telling her that he was the owner of the store. The next morning they came to our house. They asked about everything. About who killed me, how I died. Before this, my wife asked me a lot of questions about our past life. She asked about a lot of things, including my bank account number, where I kept our money and things like that. Where I was doing business from and so on. She asked about everything. And then they came to the conclusion that it was a case of reincarnation."

This was revealed by Toran Singh Chahar (Titu), Assistant Professor (Bachelor of Naturopathic and Yogic Sciences, Department of Ayurveda, Banaras Hindu University), who was a witness at the international online conference “LIFE AFTER DEATH. FICTION AND FACTS''. Mr. Toran is also known to a large number of people around the world because as a child he told about the short life of a previous Personality who became a subpersonality, while retaining his activity in the form of memories and skills.

The case was published in the British journal Reincarnation International, studied by Professor Ian Stevenson and Antonia Mills, and featured on the BBC news program Forty Minutes in 1990.

"As for reincarnation, I have seen many cases of reincarnation in India. I don't know anything about other countries. In India those are people who have died unnatural deaths. They tend to get into such situations."

Thanks to the collected information, the experience of experts from various fields of activities, and the stories of eyewitnesses voiced at the conference, people could widely disclose the topic of the after death fate and to answer the fundamental questions for every person:

  • Does reincarnation exist?
  • What is reincarnation? 
  • What awaits a person beyond the life of the physical body?
  • What are the consequences of person’s choice during a lifetime of his body?

Toran Singh Chahar also noted that such manifestations in him most often occurred at moments of negative emotional experiences, which indicates the negative impact of the activation of subpersonalities on the person: 

" soon as I got angry, all memories of my past life surfaced. I was worried a lot. Now that I've grown up and become a family man, I've learned to deal with it. But day by day I forget these past memories and all that. But I want to get away from it completely. Because it's impossible to live a double life. The past is the past. We must live in the present."

Having studied a great deal of information from various sources, the conference speakers pointed out that the manifestation of a human’s subpersonalities comes at the expense of the vital energy of the present Personality. Because one's attention is their nourishment, by investing attention in their memories and acquired skills, people reinforce the position of the dead in themselves instead of directing their time and attention to their own development and acquisition of Freedom.

Thanks to the fact that the truth about what awaits a person after the death of the body and the nature of manifestations of past lives has been voiced to the world, we have the opportunity to radically change the vector of our society from a consumer to a creative one. People received important information about how to get rid of fears and prejudices and learn to live in the moment here and now, while putting the maximum amount of effort and time into self-development and good deeds for all mankind!

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