The truth that reveals the best in humans

The truth that reveals the best in humans

Sooner or later your inner search for truth will lead you to the right direction. In this article Awol from Ethiopia shares his story of how he found the book “AllatRa” which helped him to understand the essence of Islam as well as other religions, and how his life has changed since then.

Since 2017, I have had a job connected with mobile phone software and hardware maintenance. One day I needed to get a new software application. For this reason, I started searching on Google, and I got on one website that provided mobile and computer software I was searching for. 

On that website, I saw an advertisement for the book “AllatRa”, and when I opened the link, I got a summary about the book and its content. That thing inspired me more, and when I scrolled down, I got the PDF file of “AllatRa” and other books written by Anastasia Novykh, and I downloaded all of them. 

I started reading “AllatRa”, and the truth in it unlocked something inside of me. When I finished reading the book, on the last page of it, I saw the websites of AllatRa IPM. Then I found the Seven ALLATRA Foundations and I became even more interested. While reading the “AllatRa” book, I saw references to the other books by Anastasia Novykh: “Sensei of Shambala”, “Ezoosmos”, “Spiritual Practices” and all the other books, I got inspired and read all of them. 

Then I looked up the name Anastasia Novykh on Facebook and I saw many names and profile pictures that had the AllatRa sign on them, I sent them requests to become friends. And I got acquainted with many participants of ALLATRA Movement for the first time. 

Basically, I got the answer that I was asking myself all my life. This completely changed my perspective and perception I had for religions, and I started studying Islam which I belong to, having a more profound perception of it. 

When I discussed  with my friends the truth I discovered in the book, they got very inspired and asked me where I had got such knowledge from, and they also asked  me whether I studied the Qur'an and Hadith more deeply. Why? Because the books have opened my eyes for the Qur'an and for all other religious teachings, they made me feel whole as a person... I don’t know how to describe to you that change in me after I got the Key that unlocked everything for me. 

Many people are interested in the Knowledge and they agree that we should be humans by pushing  aside all artificial identities such as ethnicity, religion and politics. Generally, I have always been an active participant of social live, and now I am disseminating the information about the ALLATRA movement and how to survive during the coming cataclysms (which is known as the End Times in Islam). 

My relationship with my inner self, family and friends have changed completely and I am sociable and easy going with everyone. Especially, the interaction with my friends of other religious beliefs was not good because I assumed that there was no truth in other religions except Islam, but now everything has changed. 

Search for truth – the way to God

Sometimes when I read and hear how they are teaching their followers, I feel sorry, because I can see that there are distortions. When I discuss something about spirituality with religion leaders, they feel the truth, but there is a restriction on what to discuss and what not to discuss. 

Now I understand what all religions and teachings are calling to and that all of them are from one source, and people profess them as it is suitable for them. So, goodness is teached  in all religions, and good people are everywhere, and the idea that all religions, except my own, are leading to hell is wrong and imposed on people in order to dominate them. I have love, respect and a positive attitude for all human beings after reading “AllatRa”. 

AllatRa showed me the road to spirituality and now I can see the truth in all religions. So, who seeks the truth can get it and can contact like-minded people who who also follow this path. 

Now I know what does it mean to be Human.

Awol (Ethiopia)

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