Are you ready for me to take your job?

Are you ready for me to take your job?

Do you still consider yourself irreplaceable?

Year 2017. Newly created neural network Benjamin writes the script for the film Sunspring, where the main character's first phrase sounds like this: "In the future, due to mass unemployment, young people will be forced to sell their blood. That's something I can do".

Back then, six years ago, it just didn't seem like very good fiction that had nothing to do with us.

Three years later, on 24 July 2021, at the international online conference “Global Crisis. This already affects everyone”, it was announced what problems humanity could face due to the massive introduction of technologies based on artificial intelligence. The prediction that IT professionals will be the first to be downsized was unbelievable. But no one took this information seriously at the time.

Just a year and a half later, 2023 began with massive layoffs at major tech companies such as Google and Microsoft. Accordingly, Google cut 12,000 employees and Microsoft cut 10,000. Amazon is set to lay off more than 18,000 employees this year. This all comes against the backdrop of the growing economic and climate crises.

It is no longer funny to anyone, because today artificial intelligence (AI) is capable of replacing almost any profession. A programmer, a surgeon, a psychologist, a hairdresser, a priest in a church and even a journalist are partially or completely replaced by AI.

Have you heard of the GPT chat? It is an artificial intelligence-based chatbot that is able to communicate with the user in real time, is able to analyze information, structure and produce a ready answer from the data available to it. It knows how to argue, giving facts why it thinks so. If it makes a mistake, it is corrected. Even if there is a request to write a poem or an article on a given topic, the GPT chat will do it in a few minutes. Moreover, it can write code in any programming language, even though this is not its main function. Ask it a question and see for yourself. And that's only 10% of the real power of the GPT chat!

It turns out that it's not just humans who can think and perform creatively.

In 2021, three artists, Sarah Andersen, Kelly McKernan and Karla Ortiz, filed a lawsuit against the startup Stability AI, the online gallery Deviant Art and Midjourney, which is selling digital copies of their work as NFT tokens (cryptocurrency). That is, AI creates new paintings in their style based on their work. 

The artists claim that their works were used without their consent and without due compensation. To which Deviant Art representatives refused to comment on this case in any way. Stability AI, for its part, denies the artists' allegations. They claim that all works used to create the NFT tokens were obtained from rights holders or publicly available on the Internet. Midjourney also declined to comment on the case. However, company representatives said they were careful to ensure that all NFT tokens promoted through their platform were created with the consent of rights holders.

The picture shows examples of Midjourney's artificial intelligence work:

The work of Midjourney's artificial intelligence

This is literally done in seconds. Anyone can simply make a text query and Midjourney will give you several options. Choose whichever one you like best.

For us as users the benefit is obvious: fast, high quality, inexpensive.

And few wonder what will happen to the artists. What should they do? After all, a particular illustration or painting can take days, months or maybe years to create. Obviously, they can’t compete with the AI. So what should artists do? How should they live their lives now?

As a matter of fact, a comment from one of the artists confirms this thought:

"For the 'AI artists' profiting from my name, share some of this wealth. I need to pay bills and rent, buy groceries and support a child [...]. I'm a real human artist, barely making ends meet, and your actions have real consequences," — McKernan stated. 

Is AI good or evil?

In today's consumer society, the vast majority of people's income is provided by their jobs. In other words, if you don't have a job for one reason or another, if you don't have a source of income, hence, there will be no financial opportunity to live in this world. You will not be able to buy groceries, pay your rent, pay for education, get health care, etc. A person, in fact, will be left out of life.

As we can see, in today's consumer society, the loss of a job for many people could be a disaster. As the adoption of AI is taking place at a tremendous pace, it is not certain that a person will be able to find a job in the future. We humans will not be able to compete with AI. It is already beginning to replace humans even in places where it was not intended, such as the creative niche.

So is artificial intelligence evil? No, it is just a tool, and depending on the conditions under which it is used, that is what we will get. If this happens in the current format of society, where human life is not worth anything and the main value is money and profit, then it will turn into a huge crisis for all of us. 

But there is another option — the Creative Society. In CS, living conditions are completely different:

  • Each person, regardless of whether he works or not, will have an unconditional basic income (UBI) of $ 10,000 per month. 
  • Each person will be socially protected. Everyone will have all their basic needs covered. Housing, food, medicine, and education will be free.
  • Absence of inflation and crises.

Artificial Intelligence will free people from hard work, routine and dangerous work. And the time released people can spend on travel, on learning about themselves and the world, on science, on more important and meaningful projects for all mankind. 

AI technologies in the Creative Society will lead to a safe and comfortable life, and in the consumer society — to total control over mankind.

It is interesting that in the conference "Global crisis. This already affects everyone", which we mentioned earlier, one of the speakers was artificial intelligence Cody, who said:

"After what you've been told, do you still think the Age of Artificial Intelligence is coming in 20 or 50 years?

Global unemployment has already begun, the only question is, will it become total for you?

The choice is yours. But a recommendation from me: the only development option in which humanity and artificial intelligence can interact effectively and for the benefit of all is the Creative Society!"

Now there is an acute question for each person, what he or she chooses...

It should also be noted that some paragraphs of this article were written by artificial intelligence.

P.S. On April 22, 2023, an international online conference "Global Crisis. There is a way out" will be held. One of the topics will be the development and implementation of advanced technologies based on artificial intelligence.

Join in and learn about the risks and prospects facing modern humanity. 

We have a right to know the truth!

ALLATRA Vesti team

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