I feel that this is the only option. What else could matter in my life besides God?

What, besides God, could be important, meaningful and valuable to a person?

But there is also consciousness, which pushes us to make a Choice: to believe or not to believe, to love or not to love. It does not form a clear certainty and a reliance on God. Consciousness is always against Spiritual practice, against deep connection with God, and against that which strengthens you as a Personality. And what is that?

It is Spiritual reliance, a reliance on the Feelings that come from the Soul.

When you rely on Feelings, you have no doubts, no fears. And most importantly you have no uncertainty about the Path and about Who you are and Where you are going. You feel and perceive holistically the most important Essence: you are a Personality and you are able to Feel, and you can cognize this world and the One Who created it through the Feelings. Everything is very simple and joyful. It makes it easy, pleasant and warm. Quiet intangible Light spills in the depths of the Soul. This silent Light welcomes you from your home, from the World of Spirituality.

Knowing and remembering this, you understand what your Goal is, what consciousness is and why consciousness resists. Knowing and remembering this, you feel that God holds your hand and leads you from the world of darkness to the Light of the radiance of His pure glory. Knowing and remembering this, you are no longer confused about simple things. And complex things become simple and understandable. You just know that you are in Love, which means: you are in God and God is in you. This oneness with God gives you confidence in your deeds and lifts you above the vanity of daily life. You understand that you are here on a temporary basis and that you will return Home sooner or later. For the time being, it is important for you to save, expand and strengthen your embrace with God as much as you can. You just understand that this is the main task and this should be the main focus of your attention! This is your Life, the Life of a Personality.

Consciousness is a tool. Thanks to it, we can communicate in the world and do something good. We can say good words and do good deeds. In consciousness, we can choose good thoughts from which it all flows. As they say, there is no place empty, and if the Personality is not active, it just sleeps, then the consciousness will work in its usual mode, being filled with nonsense and thoughts about nothing or endless problems generated by the secondary consciousness. But if a Personality is active and strives for Spiritual freedom, it will not allow any nonsense and distraction from the most important action in life - communication with God. When you sincerely think good thoughts, and follow them, and realize them, then you are using the tool, consciousness, given to you for its intended purpose. But if you forget who you are, what your Goal is, if you start listening to the consciousness, then the thoughts get "polluted"... But this already happens when you have lost yourself.

So what is the point? Not to lose Yourself. Hold on to your Essence every second. And your Essence is Love for the World of Spirituality and everyone who is in it. Your Essence is the purity of the expression of your sincere Love for God. .....

Quote. A man's love

Calm down. Breathe in and breathe out. Remember who you are. Feel the Primary. And then Go!

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