Recently, more often we have been witnessing how the planet's climate is rapidly changing. The news of social networks are filled with horrifying images of natural disasters in different parts of the world. It has become commonplace to see natural disasters happening somewhere. But when it happens very close, you begin to realize the real threat that hangs over all mankind. Here are a few facts that were voiced at the international online conference “Global Crisis. This already affects everyone":

  • Earthquakes with magnitudes greater than 8.5 have increased dramatically over the past 20 years. Scientists calculated that a mega earthquake will occur in the Japanese archipelago and will have a magnitude of more than 10, which is 32 times stronger than an earthquake of magnitude 9. Entire countries could disappear from the face of the Earth at any moment;
  • The number of powerful volcanic eruptions has doubled since the beginning of the twentieth century. It is a result of the planet's growing internal energy. Today about 600 million people live near active volcanoes capable of destroying entire cities at any moment;
  • In 2019, the temperature of the world's oceans rose by 0.075 degrees Celsius. The energy for such heating is equivalent to the explosion of 3.5 billion atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima. And this energy came from the bowels of the Earth itself;
  • 2020 broke all records for the frequency of hurricanes and tropical cyclones on the planet for all time of observation. The number of tornadoes has increased 10 times since the 50s and continues to grow;
  • 60 years ago, only 8 major floods were recorded in 1 year. In 2020, that number has increased 25-fold to 201 cases...

At the same time, you can often hear: "there is no need to spread panic", "well, it flooded somewhere, it happened before...". But what if this "somewhere" happened in your city and it affected your family? And someone at the same time said with dissatisfaction that there is no need to disturb other people with such topics. Does disaster have to come to everyone's house, so that we finally realize how fragile our situation is on the verge of global climate change?

At what point did indifference or feud become stronger than the instinct for self-preservation and common sense? As we swim to the abyss, should we continue to confront other people, countries, religions and cultures? Nature itself shows us that there are no borders and no languages. It washes away everything in its path and makes people equal before the raging elements. At moments like these we come to the sober realization that for climatic disasters there are no borders, no ranks, no language barriers, no creeds and no social statuses.

We have become so critical that we cannot take a sober look at ourselves and what is happening around us. To have a sober look does not mean to panic but to face the truth, to evaluate the situation objectively, to study the information, and to think about what can help all of us to survive the coming.

Quote from the Global Crisis conference. This already affects everyone about the planet's ozone layer

What is happening around us suggests that the path we have chosen leads all of humanity directly to destruction. Statistically speaking, most casualties occur not during climatic disasters, but afterwards, when water and food distribution begins among people. Not receiving the necessary help and support, people guided by animal instincts, begin to take each other's basic life-support resources and take lives of those who have it. Humanity and the ability to unite in order to save every person’s life are losing.

As we can see, human life in a consumer society has no value. Because the main value is material goods. But now is the time to stop and think about our relationship to each other and to the planet. It's important to understand that only by uniting we can make a difference. There is simply no other way!

When we stop being enemies to each other and overwhelming desire for consumption, let's look into each other's eyes and see ourselves. And then holding each other's hands tightly we will get through all the difficulties and preserve Life!

Only by uniting on the simple understanding that we are all human beings and that we are equal, we will be able to build a society in which the highest value is not the material possessions, but the life of each person. Where people can live in joy and friendship and develop their best human qualities. This is the kind of Creative society that volunteers tirelessly talk about at the international online conferences that take place on the ALLATRA IPM platform.

On July 24, 2021 another great event of planetary scale took place - the international online conference "GLOBAL CRISIS. THIS ALREADY AFFECTS EVERYONE". The uniqueness of the event is in the fact that it was organized and prepared by volunteers from different countries in their spare time and simultaneously interpreted online into 72 languages, including sign language. People realized the harmfulness of waiting for changes and shifting responsibilities to others. They have realized the need to act. This is the task of every human being without exception. It is the responsibility for the future and the inner desire to preserve life on the planet that inspires them to take action. All we have to do is to step away from the endless hustle and listen carefully to what these people are tirelessly talking about and trying to inform all humanity!

It is time to let go of old attitudes and dogmas and step out of the limiting comfort zone. This is what has led us to the kind of society we have built for our children. We took away their future...

Deforestation and loss of forests. From the conference

We ourselves have created the current consumerist format of society. And it is important for each of us to honestly answer the following questions: do we want to live in this kind of world? Are we ready to leave such an Earth to our children? Are we ready to die?

We as humanity have come almost to the edge of a cliff, and only by uniting we still can change direction and choose Life. This choice is crucial for each person and for all civilization: to end our existence as a species in a consumer society or to preserve life and create a new society of creation!

Now is a unique time to unchain yourself, with eyes wide open to look at ourselves, at people around us, at the world around us. To see the Light, the Life and to revive a firm confidence in ourselves that we can do so much! After all, humanity is a one family, which includes completely different people but so related in their inner essence. And all of us, as a family, will face the same fate, but it depends solely on our common choice: death in enmity, selfishness and despair, or unification and prosperity for the sake of our common future!

Everyone can join the universal "Creative society" project initiated by an international friendly team of volunteers with the desire to create, unite and use their skills for the benefit of society! Through a universal shift from the consumer to the Creative format, we will be able to use advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and alternative non-fuel energy to save lives at a time of global climate change. Our future only depends on whether we can listen to each other and unite in a common goal – to pass all difficulties together and build a better world for us and our children!

Yana, participant of ALLATRA IPM

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