In the USA they plan to build an underground city

In the USA they plan to build an underground city

As reported by "InsideHook" a small team from the USA has designed the underground village called "Trident Lakes". It is quite a common practice now to construct underground bunkers, which can accommodate a small group of people, and have everything you need for living in case of a natural disaster, catastrophe or war. But this time the Americans have decided to go further.

It is planned to build 400 apartments which can accommodate 4 people and the cost of such facilities is estimated at 300 million USD. The village provides an underground source of drinking water, water treatment plants, air cleaning system, power station, as well as plantations for the cultivation of plant foods. The design is also planned to include a nightclub, a movie house, a spa and a freshwater lake. And the DNA bank, built to restore the Earth's population in case of a disaster, will be the most valuable object in the village.

According to the author of the project Richie Whitt, this place will be one of the safest on the planet. From his words, this is not just a simple village, but a resort complex, which may become the object of envy for visitors of the US land based resorts.

Ordinary American citizens are not left out from the discussion of this project. They are sure that this money could have been spent on much more useful things, for example: investment in disarmament, which increases the safety of the planet. The life of each individual and society as a whole depends on the person, on his choice. If people become more spiritually mature and consciously take an active part in the formation of a society, many things will change.

"Also in society there should be not even such a notion as a “regime of secrecy” in the matters of self-government of society. First of all, this concerns financing, that is, the distribution and the order of using resources. Now in the world, most of the information about the flow of funds is inaccessible to the public. As a rule, in the countries this concealment is justified by state secrets, involving the matters of national security, economic, political interests and so on. And where actually the money goes people do not know.

When the world society becomes united in its creating processes and spiritual aspirations, the concept of secrecy will disappear. Society itself will simply decide what expenditure items are of priority and on what it is necessary to spend one’s fund in the first place in order to improve the life in it. And each person of the world community should be able to monitor on what exactly the funds have been used and for what needs they have been spent, to the last penny. In general, to create such conditions so that there was not a single loophole for stealing public funds and a mercenary profit on them."


Sergei Savin


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  • Георгий

    19.11.2016 23:47

    По крайней мере появление такого проекта говорит о том, что среди американцев все же есть люди, которые понимают, что может произойти непоправимое, - и это уже само по себе радует. 

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