Is the Universe just a hologram? A new scientific research

Is the Universe just a hologram? A new scientific research

An international group of theoretical physicists and astrophysicists provide evidence that the universe is a huge complicated hologram. The results have been published in the magazine called Physical Review Letters.

The group of the scientists from the UK, Canada and Italy, who investigate irregularities in relic radiation, have  found conclusive evidence supporting the theory of the holographic nature of the universe. In their studies, the scientists also used the theory of cosmic inflation.

The idea of a holographic universe was suggested as early as the 90s and recalls Plato's allegory of the cave. It is based on the assumption that all the information that forms our 3D reality (plus time), in fact, can only be a projection on the boundaries of a two-dimensional plane.

Professor Kostas Skenderis from the University of Southampton illustrates this theory by an associative example of the hologram on a credit card, and in our case, it turns out that the entire universe is encoded. "Imagine that everything you see, feel and hear in three dimensions (and your perception of time) actually comes from a flat two-dimensional field." This is analogous to conventional holograms where a three-dimensional image is encoded in a two-dimensional surface, "the scientist says.

Also there is another example with watching a 3D film in the cinema, when we see a three-dimensional picture, even though it is on a flat screen. The difference in our universe is that we can touch objects and this "projection"seems to be a "reality" from our point of view.

“I don’t quite understand… How can this body be an illusion, if I can fully feel it?” - Valera asked wonderingly.

“Your body is just a focused wave which receives a short impulse in the form of prana, the vital energy. What you call “life” is a time period from the moment of this wave appearance after the impulse, including the time of its speed race all the way to its total fade. It’s a too transient term. You don’t even have time to notice when your life’s already over. So, the main question is how you will use your lifetime during its race, how you will spend the power of the inner impulse which you’ve been given?”

“But how could I rationally use it, if all events happening in my life do not depend on me? Every day is filled with some new troubles, with continuous pressure of problems.”

“Remember: everything is inside you! Once you change from the inside, the world around you will change as well. Material problems are only a temporary occurrence, a certain trial to test you…”.

From the book "Ezoosmos"


A sketch of the timeline of the holographic Universe.

Time runs from left to right. The far left denotes the holographic phase and the image is blurry because the space and the time are not yet well defined. At the end of this phase, the Universe enters a geometric phase. Next is the cosmic microwave background. And on the far right there is seen the development of structures of stars and galaxies.

Scientists believe that the study of the holographic theory of the universe is a huge leap in understanding the formation and structure of the Universe, and this will also help to explain about how the space and time emerged.

It is worth to mention that the knowledge about  the formation of the Universe, the space and time can be found in ancient sources, which now, unfortunately, are considered to be mythology and primitive ancient beliefs by official science. However, there are scientists who are studying such legends with interest and come to striking discoveries. For example, it’ll be enough to recall the story of how the world learned about the Dogon cosmological system thanks to an astronomer, who was fond of archeology and ethnography and later managed to analyze the information from the myths. It turned out that the peoples’ knowledge is well ahead of the knowledge of modern science. In addition, an interesting information about the space and time, their relationship with gravity can be found in the book "Ezoosmos". It is interesting that the information from this book, as well as the book "AllatRa" attracted the attention of the representatives of the science. As a result, in 2015,  there was published a report by  the international group of  scientists called "PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS".

Now, the most interesting thing is that the report describes the structure of matter in the universe, its fundamental indivisible particle called "septon". And it is the structure of this particle that consists of "smoking mirrors," reflecting reality - an inclusion of the force of Allat.

“By using modern associative comparisons, 6 “antipodes-reflections” - antiallats -we can call it some kind of microholographical objects which exist only thanks to the presence of the force of Allat in this world and which make up the essence of the illusionary world – the world of many pseudo-copies. In ancient treatises it is mentioned that this entire temporary world is an illusion of mirror intersections, which captures the attention of a person with the false realism of shadows, their play of mutual contemplations”.

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The structure of septon: six antiallats (an “antipode-reflection”, “smoking mirrors”) and an inclusion of the force of Allat

It is interesting that people perceive the information about the illusory nature of the surrounding world in different ways, depending on the predominance of animal or spiritual nature in their worldviews. Such information may even more enslave within the framework of the ideology of the Animal nature, as life is meaningless without spiritual higher purpose when everything around is an illusion.This information, on the contrary, strengthens in understanding of the right choice of the vector in your life. The question arises as to what to do in the first case. The answer is obvious - to learn and understand. After all, an integrated approach in studying the world based on the fundamental knowledge of "PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS" is the basis, which may help science make a huge breakthrough in the understanding of the universe, the potential and the role of man in this holographic world of pseudo-copies.

Author: Arina Kalinina

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