Catastrophes: Yellowstone Volcanic Eruption. US Dollar Will Be Cheaper than Paper. Way Out of Global Crisis.

Catastrophes: Yellowstone Volcanic Eruption. US Dollar Will Be Cheaper than Paper. Way Out of Global Crisis.

“If there’s no USA, who will need dollars?”

(Anastasia Novykh, the book Ezoosmos)

In April 2014, an international team of scientists of ALLATRA International Public Movement recorded that the Yellowstone supervolcano was on the verge of eruption.

Since 2002, the scientists observed such phenomena as formation of geysers, deformation of the ground surface, rising temperatures of the earth to the boiling point, new cracks and clefts in the ground, and ejection of volcanic gas that is contained in the magma. These phenomena were among other dangerous signs of the reawakening of the supervolcano. Such signs are evidence of the fact that the volcanic magma of Yellowstone is now rising to the surface at double the speed. The supervolcano is capable of destroying life in the whole North American continent as well as triggering an eruption of the Aira caldera (Japan) and many other dormant volcanoes. The consequences of such volcanic activity can be easily imagined.


The world currency is on the verge of bankruptcy. A way out of the crisis.

The world currency is on the verge of bankruptcy.The catastrophic situation is intensified by the economic world crisis. The US dollar rules the world economy. Interestingly, the Federal Reserve System of the United States is emitting the US dollar, which is not the US national currency as such. By default, the US dollar serves as the world’s most dominant reserve currency. It is used in 70% of payments in international trade. After the cancellation of direct convertibility of the US dollar to gold in 1971, this currency became no more than US Federal Reserve System’s obligation to pay the debt formalized as loan securities or electronic obligations. According to the U.S. Department of the Treasury, the state debt amounts to 18 trillions of dollars.

The US monetary system is the world’s major financial pyramid in the history of mankind. The creation of such an empire is the result of the prevalent choice our society. The “ruling elite” consists of several individuals but their plans are fulfilled by billions of people. Which is why each person should pay more attention to the choice of his or her life priorities. The state of our society depends on each and every person’s choice and worldview. There is a saying: “Even the smallest person can change the course of the future”. Being oriented by conscience and spiritual, moral guidance, mankind can change our situation for the better. We can direct our civilization to spiritual growth by uniting our efforts and acting according to the knowledge given in the book AllatRa and on the principles of the PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS.

Natori city (Japan) before and after the earthquake.The prevalence of materialistic ideology will lead to a world crisis caused by the economic failure of the international currency and the escalating volcanic activity of the parallelized calderas of Aira (Japan) and Yellowstone (USA). It will particularly affect those countries that are unprepared for such events. Hundreds of millions of people (not only in the USA but in other countries) might become beggars or climate refugees. In a world with the prevalence of the consumer society, it will be a dire situation to be in!

Such events always happen all of a sudden despite all the previous warnings. It is evident by the example of the earthquake in Japan on March 11, 2011 the occurrence of which became known only 11 minutes prior to the catastrophe. The 9.0 magnitude (Mw) earthquake that triggered a tsunami is also referred to as the Great East Japan Earthquake. Its epicenter was approximately 130 kilometres from Sendai city, so the government couldn’t protect its inhabitants or change anything…


Forewarned is forearmed. What can we do with this knowledge?

First of all, we need to change our way of thinking.The team of scientists of ALLATRA IPM has alerted the world in advance about the approaching catastrophe to give us time to morally prepare ourselves and possibly move to safer regions. Official mass media is intentionally hiding this information, failing to cover the growing volcanic activity. Instead of uniting people all over the world, politicians’ aim is to divide the inhabitants of one country as well as create international conflicts, inflame hatred between nations and unleash wars using mass media. There are artificially generated “political tornadoes” and “economic tsunamis” in many countries. As a result, the vast majority of people in the world community live in constant stress caused by artificial situations of financial or military nature. We should come to our senses and reevaluate our choices! It is worth thinking about…

Mankind has a unique chance of survival as well as of minimizing the consequences of natural cataclysms by uniting and spiritually transforming our civilization, which will lead to the “golden millennium” of humanity. The way out of these global problems can be found in the report: “On the Problems and Consequences of Global Climate Change on Earth. Effective Ways of to Solve These Problems”. It has been published by the scientists of ALLATRA International Public Movement (IPM).

The age-old question: “What can we do?” has had quite a simple answer since the earliest times. First of all, we need to change our way of thinking. By changing ourselves, we will change the world. Spiritually developed people are the main factors in transforming the world community from consumerist to moral and creative way of life. Money is an artificial tool of the system, informational illusion, no more than dust per se. People need to reject all the conventions and limits and find a way to unite mankind right here and now. All our social standings, ranks and material prosperity are immaterial in the face of the nature’s wrath. Meanwhile genuine unity and brotherhood of men, built on kindness and mutual assistance, can give us a real chance of survival.


Ways of solving our existing problems

It is important to consolidate our efforts to create unifying projects that will help people all over the world. There are many decent and professional scientists who don’t serve their arrogance and fully understand the malignancy of the system of consumer society. It is important for them to know this information.

PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS gives humankind a chance to make an evolutional step forward in all scientific fields.

The latest research made by scientists of ALLATRA IPM confirms an evolutional breakthrough in the field of new practical and theoretical physics. The research of this new physics started in 1996. This primordial physics of nature explains such fundamental questions as initial matter, its structure, transformation, and disappearance.
This physics was named the PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS. Being the basis of other sciences, it gives humankind a chance to make an evolutional step forward in all scientific fields. It covers the detailed studying of atmosphere, geophysics, biogeochemistry, hydrometeorology, oceanography, and volcanology. By relying on laws of nature, we can foresee development tendencies of various physical phenomena as well as predict exact behavior of nature. Hence, we will have a chance to take measures to either prevent or alleviate the approaching phenomena or evacuate inhabitants of the most dangerous regions at the worst…

The latest scientific developments prove that providing people with necessary provisions and potable water as well as other essentials is absolutely real. Right now battling fatal diseases and prolonging life far beyond our generic limits is a scientifically proven fact… Without any doubt, it must be available and free of charge for each inhabitant of the Earth.



The spiritual and moral crisis of today’s consumer society lies at the heart of global problems. This in-depth understanding has led to the creation of extensive uniting project of the international movement - ALLATRA GLOBAL PARTNER AGREEMENT. This nation-wide public initiative consolidates socially active, honest and decent managers, entrepreneurs and leaders of different organizations in all fields of work. This agreement aims at overcoming the moral crisis of modern world community. Its participants have already volunteered to introduce universally recognized moral 7 ALLATRA FOUNDATIONS into their respectable business practice. These foundations are fundamental for the practical realization of spiritually creative society built on the new format of mutual relations between people at work as well as in ordinary life.

It is of utmost importance for our society to be well informed about possible events and problems of the near future.

All socially active people should take an active part in uniting the world community, ignoring all egoistic, politic, religious and other barriers, through which people are being artificially divided by the system of power. Only by genuinely consolidating our efforts in world community can we prepare people for possible future climatic, economic, and political global changes. Each and every person can do a lot of helpful deeds and be of utmost importance for the world!

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