Who are You? From personal experience about soul and spirit

Who are You? From personal experience about soul and spirit

"The biggest secret of this Material world is in the fact that the devil/satan exists and that the devil/satan is an inseparable and integral part of every person".
Consciousness and Personality. From the Inevitably Dead to the Eternally Alive

My twin brother Michael and I want to share with you our little understanding regarding your sincere and honest questions. 

Please note that these little understandings of ours we are now sharing with you would not have been possible without the pure Spiritual Knowledge contained in the books by Anastasia Novykh and the extraordinary videos with the participation of the highly esteemed Igor Mikhailovich Danilov.

Also, this would have been impossible if not for the beautiful loving Souls and Personalities who invested precious time and attention to translate these divine books and videos into various languages. May the One and only True God forever bless their Souls and Spirits. We are eternally grateful, dearest friends!

In order to understand the "relationship" between the body and Personality, we, first of all, need to fully know and understand "who we truly are" and how our entire Being operates, that is, our dual nature, "Spiritual nature and Animal/material nature".

Humans are made up of two natures, that's, the Spiritual nature (Soul and Spirit/Personality) and the Animal/material/physical nature (body and consciousness). Ordinary animals, plants and other living organisms don't have "Soul & Personality".

Our true Home

The Spiritual nature which is primarily the Soul strictly belongs to God and the Spiritual world and has nothing in common with the visible and invisible physical/material Universe. The Soul is the spec or particle of God in every man and woman. It is given in equal measure to everyone. Nobody on Earth has more of the Soul/spec of God than another person. It is through the Soul that the human Spirit (Personality) is born in this physical/material Universe. 

The Soul is the divine link between God or the pure Spiritual world and the human Spirit (Personality) and it is through the Soul that the great power is sent to the human Spirit (Personality) for Its spiritual maturity and successful graduation into the pure and perfect Spiritual world of God after successfully merging with the Soul. This is when a true Human/Spiritual being is born or this is when one becomes a true Human. The soul doesn't have its goal, because as it is said in the book AllatRa:

 "It is his main potential, a portal, and each person’s direct connection with the spiritual world" 

— so, the Soul is a portal to the world of God. That is how our Spirit (Personality) fully matures and effectively forces our Animal nature (body and consciousness) to serve the pure and perfect Spiritual world of God and also serve the greater good and wellbeing of mankind while here on Earth. By doing so, our Spirit(Personality) will mature very well and can then successfully merge with the Soul and become a fully awakened spiritual and immortal being who can then majestically return to the pure and perfect Spiritual world of God, our true Home.

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What is our consciousness?

The Animal/material/physical nature(body and consciousness), on the other hand, strictly belongs to this physical/material Universe. It is only created in this physical Universe and it also has a Unique Will of its own. It plays a very important role in the schooling, training and maturing of the Spiritual nature (Soul and Spirit) in this physical/material Universe. It serves as a unique vehicle and house for the Spiritual nature (Soul and Spirit) during our short earthly stay and it also serves as a unique medium through which our Spiritual nature is massively tried and tested.

It is extremely important to note that there is a prince together with its hosts and legions of cohorts and demons (thoughts) who governs and rules over the visible and invisible physical/material Universe; and every Animal/physical nature created in this physical/material Universe bows to the prince of these physical/material worlds thanks to these demons (consciousness). 

This prince is popularly known as satan/the system and thanks to these demons (also known as consciousness) satan is uniquely connected to every Animal/physical nature (body/flesh) on this Earth and throughout the visible and invisible physical Universe. Satan's major role is to severely, mercilessly and ruthlessly drag the Spirit(Personality) through all kinds of tests/exams until the Spirit(Personality) fully matures and breaks free. Satan's greatest weapon and tool for this merciless and ruthless exams is our individual Animal/physical nature (body and consciousness). 

Nobody on Earth is exempted from satan's influence/attack/tests/exams through its legion of demons (consciousness). Not even Jesus Christ/Bodhisattva Issa, the Great Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him), Siddhartha Gautama (the Buddha) and Bodhisattva Rigden Djappo (the Head of Shambala) were exempted from such influence. They had to tame and subdue their individual Animal nature (body and consciousness). This is every Human’s calling. 

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Earthly School

We have to understand that we're on Earth for a key reason and we are not just here by chance. The Earth is like a great school for our true nature(Soul and Spirit) to perfectly mature and merge with the Soul in order to return back to our true Home (the pure and perfect Spiritual world/Heaven). And this can only happen if only we successfully pass every exam thrown our way by the great examiner (satan) through its servants (consciousness). We cannot afford to fail because there is a price to pay. 

Failure to effectively and successfully tame and control our Animal/physical/material nature (body and consciousness) will eventually reduce or turn a Personality (Spirit) into a loyal slave and servant of satan and its legions and cohorts. This slavery to satan/the system is vividly evident in the behaviours, addictions, attitudes and deeds of our individual Animal/material nature(body and consciousness) which are usually highly negative and this slavery also continues even after death.

Our Animal/physical nature(body and consciousness) which serves as a unique vehicle and house for our true nature(Soul and Spirit) during our short stay and experience in this "Earthly School" must be treated with great wisdom in order for it to serve us perfectly well during our short stay on Earth. So, it is important to understand that a person has one chance to become a Spiritual being only during his lifetime here. 

That is, we have this chance only while we are alive. It is extremely important to understand that the physical/Animal nature has a unique will of its own and it is also a great "parasite" that feeds or lives off our Spiritual nature through "the mighty power of the Personality's (Spirit's) precious attention" which is a part of the Personality's vital life force. Meaning, "attention" is life and creative power and this is also what gives life to our individual Animal/material nature. 

Please note that our Animal/material nature belongs to the visible and invisible physical/material Universe and has been massively programmed through our individual consciousness(demons) to serve the will of the prince and lord of the visible and invisible physical Universe, that is, satan or the system. This clearly means that our Animal nature(body and consciousness) is not our friend. 

Value of our attention

Dearest Brother, by the time you begin to comprehend quite well the pure Knowledge from the Books by Anastasia Novykh, you will personally understand how much and how long you as a Personality have been manipulated and played with by your own Animal/material nature thanks to the precious attention you've invested into it, consciously or unconsciously. 

It is, therefore, our ultimate and difficult challenge here on Earth to strictly tame and control our Animal nature and transform it into a worthy temple and servant for our Spiritual nature (Soul and Spirit) during our short stay in this World. Our Animal nature(body and consciousness) plays a very important role in housing our Spiritual nature in this physical/material Universe and must be taken care of very well. 

However, since, naturally, it has not been programmed to serve our Spiritual nature and spiritual interest, very little attention (10%-20% if one can) must be invested into its upkeep and a greater percentage (80%-90%) of attention must be invested into the maturity and liberation of the Spiritual nature. This is the only way we can successfully tame and subdue our Animal nature and force it to serve us and serve others as well. It is quite important to understand that the Animal/material nature(body and consciousness) is the Personality's greatest enemy until it has been tamed and subdued.

Practical experience working on oneself

Once upon a time my brother (Michael) and I used to entertain thoughts like this as well. Little did we know who was supplying such thoughts and luring us to invest our precious attention into such thoughts. We are not trying to scare you, but in all truth, the Animal nature(body and consciousness) which is a vital and important tool for our spiritual maturity is also our greatest enemy and worst nightmare until we've successfully tamed and subdued it. We are sharing this from the little experience we've gathered so far. 

Consciousness will do anything to convince you that until certain basic bodily/material needs are taken care of, you cannot fully focus on the Spiritual development and, sadly, that's just one of the numerous and endless games and tricks of our consciousness. It is consciousness duty to see to the basic material wellbeing of the Animal nature but it will never do it until you have forced it to serve you and serve others. 

Just like a bull is forced to plough farmland and dogs are trained to hunt for food, so must consciousness be trained, tamed and forced to work. We can only call our dogs and pets friends and play with them only when we've trained and tamed them very well, right? These are just basic examples. However, without pure Knowledge, this is close to impossible. That's why you're greatly encouraged to harness the pure Knowledge contained in the AllatRa and other books by Anastasia Novykh, and the video with the participation of the highly esteemed Igor Mikhailovich Danilov.

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The real Freedom 

All we need to do is to sincerely, honestly, diligently and persistently seek reunion with our true God and Creator 24/7. We have to invest about 90%(If only you can) of our greatest resource, that's, precious attention invest in the pure spiritual desire to become true Humans, to become the very embodiment of pure Love and be a blessing to other people and also should have the pure spiritual desire to return to our true Home and be reunited with our true God and Creator. 

A good amount of attention must be invested in the pure desire to serve the pure and perfect Spiritual world of God and also serve the greater good and wellbeing of mankind while here on Earth, in the desire for pure goodness and doing endless good, strictly taming and controlling our Animal nature with its endless worldly desires, fears and worries that are constantly arising in our minds and hearts, controlling our thoughts and our deeds and in being constantly involved in pure spiritual practices and prayers. 

This is simply awakening of pure and perfect Love in a Human. This is basically what helps us to be highly positive all the time. It is through channelling these sincere, honest and persistent spiritual desires that enormous strength is sent to us(our Spirit/Personality) to overcome and subdue our Animal nature/the devil that's an integral/inseparable part of us. Every second and minute of the day must be utilised effectively if we are to successfully defeat our untamed enemy and "become true Humans/Spiritually awakened beings".

Finally, in order to make the most of every second and minute of the day, we must fully understand how the enemy has managed to successfully enslave billions of Humans. 

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How to activate the pure Love?

Brother, as you sincerely and diligently digest the pure Knowledge from the books by Anastasia Novykh, it will become very clear and vivid to you that "our mind" is the battleground and engine room of our untamed enemy because that's where we invest most of our great resources and power, that's, our precious time and attention. 

Our Enemy is always ruthlessly fighting for our precious attention by serving us with all kinds of negative and selfish materialistic desires and thoughts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And when we consciously or unconsciously invest our precious attention and time in such endless selfish materialistic desires and negative thoughts and also act accordingly, we unknowingly provide our enemy with great amount of power for our own spiritual demise and destruction. 

People do not know and understand that they are basically funding their own destruction when they constantly invest their power of attention and time in negative and endless materialistic desires, fears, worries and doubts of their Animal nature. It is with the power it gets from our precious attention and time that our enemy gradually and successfully transforms or reduces people to slaves and animals but, sadly, most people are unconscious of this. 

Our enemy does not sleep nor rest and the only way to overcome its endless attacks is to ignore its endless seductions, selfish materialistic desires and negative thoughts and emotions arriving in great quantities in our minds. So with all our strength and might and also persistently and sincerely channelling about 90% (for people seriously working on themselves) of our attention into pure Love and positivity towards God and people, focusing on our Spiritual awakening (becoming a true Human) and an honest and diligent spiritual desire to return to our true Home and be reunited with our One True God. 

There is no other way. This persistent, sincere and honest spiritual desire will activate pure power(Love) from the Soul and enable the Personality to tame and subdue our Animal nature or the devil/satan who is an integral part of our entire being. And what is more important - this will help Personality to merge with the Soul and become an eternal spiritual creature - an Angel.

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Friend! This question "WHO ARE YOU?" is begging for a sincere answer from all of us every day of our lives here on Earth. Let us honestly examine our every thought, deed, desire and emotion whether we are truly being or becoming HUMANS or being reduced to ordinary animals? 

A full and total spiritual awakening is the primary goal of every person in this visible and invisible material Universe. Every other thing is secondary. It is only in becoming true Humans that we can together work towards a Creative Society in order to make the whole world a better place for each other and most importantly so that someday we can stand before our One True God and Creator with DIGNITY.

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We wish you all the Love and Strength on this Spiritual Path! 

Kenneth and Michael Gagakuma


ALLATRA IPM participants

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