Hot Yellowstone or the behavior of the super volcano in the summer of 2017

Hot Yellowstone or the behavior of the super volcano in the summer of 2017

Earlier it was reported that in June 2017, the number of earthquakes was increased in the territory of the Yellowstone super volcano, and also the river, which crossed the national park, boiled. A warning was voiced that seismic activity may persist. Indeed, the number of earthquakes is greater than the average rate for the previous periods.

According to the site, tracking earthquakes around the world, the following situation arises.
During the period from January to July 2017, there were 2018 earthquakes in the Yellowstone National Park. Besides, 1171 of them happened in June and 528 in July.

The average number for January-May consists of 64 earthquakes a month. This indicates that the number of earthquakes in June increased by 12 times compared to May 2017. In July 2017, the average number of earthquakes exceeded eight times.

From August 1-22, 2017 there were 239 earthquakes in the super volcano caldera.


YellowstoneSeismic activity in the Yellowstone National Park for the period from August 1-22, 2017

Based on last year's and current data, it can be concluded that the signs of the awakening of the giant have not become smaller and the processes inside the caldera continue.

"...Since 2002, scientists began to observe the following phenomena in Yellowstone National Park: the formation of new geysers, ground deformation, increase in temperature of the soil to the boiling point, the emergence of new cracks and crevices through which volcanic gases contained in the magma are released, and many other dangerous signs of the awakening of the supervolcano. The fact that these figures are several times higher than in the previous years is disquieting. All that testified to the fact that magma of the Yellowstone super volcano begins to approach the surface at a speed that has increased by several times. In April 2014, a scientific team of ALLATRA International Public Movement recorded a sharp abrupt increase in not only the emission of neutrinos in the region but also an increase in the septon field intensity. Judging by the graphs of neutrino behaviour and an increase in the septon field intensity in April 2014, the Yellowstone supervolcano was on the verge of eruption. But even more alarming is the fact that after a relative stabilization, figures of the speed of activity begin to grow again; that is, volcanic processes are rapidly gaining momentum this moment..."

(The report “On the Problems and Consequences of Global Climate Change on Earth.
Effective Ways to Solve These Problems”)



In recent years, the Yellowstone super-volcano has been showing increasing signs of activation

When analyzing the situation inside the super volcano, it is necessary to take into account that the eruption cannot occur immediately after the increase in activity that modern devices can register. What period must pass from the manifestation of activity to the eruption itself is not yet known. For example, in the case of the tornado, ALLATRA SCIENCE scientists revealed the following pattern.

"...A group of scientists of ALLATRA International Public Movement discovered another unusual phenomenon related to the change in the intensity of the septon field of the Earth. They identified a previously unknown fact that takes place prior to a natural disaster: literally 7-8 hours before a tornado occurs, there is a sharp increase in the septon field intensity in the places of its origin and along its further route. But it is too early to draw any conclusions, since this phenomenon has been discovered only recently and requires further, more detailed investigation..."

(The report “On the Problems and Consequences of Global Climate Change on Earth.
Effective Ways to Solve These Problems”)

Also recently, the dependence of seismic activity on days of the week was revealed, on weekdays there are much more earthquakes in comparison with the weekend. It is assumed that the number of earthquakes depends on the general emotional background of people on the planet. Observations are being continued.
One thing is obvious.

Sitting back in a period of severe climate change is at least irresponsible and naive to believe that a climate calamity can affect anyone, but not me. And what is interesting is that trouble can come unexpectedly just this very moment. If a person is not ready to meet face to face the cataclysm at this moment, then he will not be ready the next moment as well, for the next moment exists only in the illusion of the perception of the person himself. Getting ready for the cataclysms is necessary today, while the trouble does not come to our house, after having read various information, people can safely act, and not remain in a state of shock.

Let's meet the reality. Every day around the world, due to climate change, hundreds of thousands of people remain without a roof over their heads, and sometimes the count goes to millions. Many people are dying, and often the cause of death is the lack of knowledge, how to act in an emergency situation and the unwillingness to prepare well in advance. But the way out of this situation is simple. It is necessary to remove the pink pride glasses, which prevent one from understanding what is happening in the world, and not just with the climate.

"Today's problem number one is the human being who has been zombified by the consumer attitude to life, disregard for another person's life and death, and concern only about himself. This is repeated in a fractal way in the society as a whole..."

(The report “On the Problems and Consequences of Global Climate Change on Earth.
Effective Ways to Solve These Problems”)

The best preparation is to change yourself for the better. Become a Man. If one changes himself, so do the others. And where there are two - there is the whole world! Being united in one big world family, we will not be afraid of any cataclysms.
Everything is simple!


Sergey Savin


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  • Павел

    28.08.2017 13:41

    Да, климат меняется, но это не значит, что и раньше люди не гибли в катастрофах природного характера. И я более чем уверен, что в любые периоды времени находились люди, которые говорили, что “конец времен” близок, и вот-вот уже “начнется”. 

    В главных книгах различных религий дается много предсказаний, и каждое поколение трактовало так, что это непременно относится именно к ним. 

    Конечно, готовиться к катастрофам нужно, но ждать этого, день ото дня написывая статьи о том, что скоро “грянет гром”, как-то неправильно на мой взгляд. 

    Посыл статей хороший, что нужно объединяться, работать над собой. Но если человечество как вид хочет выжить, то нужно не просто книжки читать, да статьи писать, а всем обществом готовить убежища, собирать запасы консервов и средства первой необходимости. 

  • →  BERG

    28.08.2017 16:41

    Причина катаклизмов от того что в каждого в голове - от мыслей плохих например. Если устранить причину - устранится следствие. В том то и дело что если работать над собой и спасать свою Душу а не свою шкуру как вид человеческий, то и не придётся консервами запасаться ))) Спасеш Душу, спасеш всё и себя и всех ) а стремится к выживанию как виду это из серии “в мира животных” )

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