HUMAN LIFE. Miroslava Dorofeeva speaks about the first foundation of the Creative society.

HUMAN LIFE. Miroslava Dorofeeva speaks about the first foundation of the Creative society.

I became acquainted with the project « Creative Society» on the Internet site of ALLATRA International Public Movement.

There is no secret that the world is now in a difficult situation. There are economic, climatic and pandemic crises. All this affects the quality of our life. For most people every day it becomes more and more difficult to survive in such conditions.

And what kind of world would people like to live in, what kind of society do they see for a fulfilled life? Through long-term opinion polls, international online meetings, conferences, and interviews, representatives of different nations and cultures have expressed their opinions about what kind of society they would like to be happy in. Based on this, the 8 Fundamentals of the Creative Society were formulated:

8 Foundations of a Creative Society. ALLATRA Vesti

First Foundation. Human Life

“Human life is the highest value. Life of any Human has to be protected as one's own. The goal of society is to ensure and guarantee the value of each Human's life. There is not and never can there be anything else more valuable than a Human's life. If one Human is valuable, then all People are valuable!”

Everything that happens on Earth is closely connected to Person and his activities. So, let me start with the first thesis: Human Life. I am sure to understand the importance of human life, it is necessary to understand what is Life of Person, or rather Person himself, and what is his purpose of being on planet Earth? What is a Person we can consider from different points of view: biological, psychological, but let's dwell on the philosophical approach to comprehend the very concept, what is a Person?

From the perspective of philosophical thought, it is helpful to understand what a person is by recognizing oneself. Indeed, how can we determine who I am, who we are? It turns out that only philosophy is interested in the true essence of a Person and in what a Person as a whole is. Every person has a name, but it is given to them at birth by their parents, and the mystery of those born on earth remains that they do not know who they are. When a person grows up, he is asked, "Who are you?" He says his name first, but it was given by his parents. Then a profession, but he acquired it while living in society, and when answering the question «Who are you?», the profession does not give an answer either. Then he says: «I am a human being», – again a dead end, for Man is a biological species. Now tell me, who are you? So it turns out that the most terrible thing in life with a person happens because he does not know "who am I," "who are we," that is, who are we in essence. Everyone will make his or her own conclusion to the question "who are you?" But one thing is beyond doubt: a person is the complex of everything that we understand by the word "personality". But, according to the sages, a person is not fully revealed by the description of his personality. The question "who are you?" will only be answered by a change of dimension, so I want to please you – the soul is immortal.

Having understood the concept of "what is a Person" from a philosophical standpoint, but not answering the question of "who you are," we come to the conclusion that a Person is a spiritualized Personality created by the Creator, who gave everyone a "spark" – a part of Himself. Therefore, Wikipedia is mistaken in calling a person a social being. Unfortunately, today, in the format of the consumer society Man can only exist and survive. But to live peacefully, happily, and prosperously people will be able if they manage to unite and build a creative society. The life of every Person on planet Earth is the only important goal from the creation of the entire Universe. Therefore, today mankind has no right to violate the Laws of the Creator of all things.

  • In a Creative Society there will be such conditions created, if desired, when each person can find the answer to the question "who am I". Having realized the pricelessness of each person born on Earth, we will be able to assess the opportunities and perspectives of a certain Personality. It will be possible to devote oneself to the prosperity and well-being of all mankind in the Creative Society.
  • If a Person obtains Life, the necessity of his living on earth for a century is priceless.
  • Since a Person has the ability to become a spiritual being while alive, his violent death is fraught with the latent threat of destruction of the entire Universe and certain aspects in its development.
  • The activity of any Person in the present paves the way to the future and leaves a trace in the past.
  • When a Person obtains Freedom, his contribution to the development of all earthly things is certainly priceless.
  • A Person is a creature of the Creator, whose life has the highest value on Earth.

We must set ourselves a global task, that would solve (in my opinion) the most important question today: we need to convey to every person on planet Earth that Person is not a slave of God, not a slave of the system, not a slave of society, not a hostage of fate, circumstances, karma, accidents, imposed education, hidden history. A Person is not a hostage on Earth, he was originally given by the Creator the right to choose. Everything that happens on Earth is a consequence of each Person's individual choice.

Let us strive to live in a Creative society and make the right choice today, so that tomorrow our descendants can give thanks for the Creative society. They will live and be proud of those who built it.

This is the only way for us to begin to implement and live by the 8 Foundations of the Creative Society.

The article about the importance of Human life on Earth turned out to be long, so it should be continued. I will write about Person's freedom in the second article, and so there will be eight separate articles where there will be written about each basis.

I wish everyone to make the right choice in their lives, because everyone's choice determines what kind of society we will all live in together.

Miroslava Dorofeeva

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